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Lisa Loves - My lip palettes and favourite shades

Blog - 31st Aug 2010 - Comments 48 - Read →

Many of you have been asking about the lip palettes I use in my kit as they have a made a couple of appearances in my videos recently.

I first saw the Japonesque palettes a long time ago in a pro make-up shop in London. I had been working on my portfolio and building up my kit for a couple of years but hadn’t started making any money as a make-up artist at that point. I really couldn’t afford to get one but I absolutely fell in love with the 28 well palette. I eventually saved up and got one, carefully placing my lipsticks in it by painstakingly heating each one in a spoon over a flame and hot-pouring them so they would look smooth and perfect. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t bother with that anymore! I now favour the ‘squishing them in’ technique, which I actually think looks a lot better and more artistic.

The 28 well palette is known as the foundation palette on their website but the cool thing about these palettes is the fact you can use them for whatever you like. I find their smaller palettes work well for concealers and cream eye shadow storage.

I keep around 5 of these in my kit at any one time with colours broken down into groups…reds, pale pinks/lilacs, nudes, dark reds/purples, bright pinks, oranges, dark black reds/browns etc. I find having these and some basic pigments (black, white, yellow, blue etc) means I can create absolutely any shade instantly. Its worth saying that these particular palettes although pretty are not the most resilient on the market and you do have to take care of them. 

I do think this type of palette works well for non professional as well and there are lots of much cheaper alternatives to the Japonesque ones available from most pro make-up shops.

Most girls I know have far too many lipsticks lurking in various drawers and make-up bags. The problem is you never really know what you have…out of sight out of mind. By making a palette of your favorite shades – you could do a palette which contains your favourite nudes, pinks and reds for example, you’ll find you’ll actually start using them a hell of a lot more.

To make it easy just cut your existing lipstick in half and place half you remove in a palette. That way you wont overfill the well and you will still have some of the lipstick in the bullet to take out in your handbag for touch-ups…simple!

Find out more and shop for the palettes and lipsticks using the following links:

Japonesque - USA
Japonesque - UK

Gallery Update - Katy Perry

Blog - 22nd Aug 2010 - Comments 6 - Read →

I’m going to be away next week but before I go I just thought I’d update my gallery with a couple of my new Katy Perry pics. Readers in the UK will have noticed there were 8 different versions of this cover, all personalized for the different regions of the UK. Katy changed her T-Shirt (and pose) for each cover but thankfully the make-up stayed the same. It's definitely the most covers I’ve ever shot in one day!

Obsessed make-up fans might even be able to spot that the lipstick I use on her for this shoot is the one from my ‘Uber Bright Lips’ video. Katy loved the colour so much I gave it to her to take back to the States at the end of the shoot.

I have another batch of Katy Perry pics going into my gallery in September, so if you are a big KP fan, look out for those.

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Evening Purple Smokey Eyes Look

Video - 17th Aug 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This much requested purple smokey eye tutorial adds a glamorous twist to one of A/W's trends. I teamed it with quite a strong red lip at the end that, as I say in the film, 'makes it a bit of a number' but it would work equally well with a neutral lip. If you fancy a bit of high-octane glamour... give the whole look a go!

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Anti Ageing Make-Up Tips: Eyes, Brows, Lips

Video - 12th Aug 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Continuing on the anti-ageing make-up theme, this film contains lots of tips on how to make-up your Eyes, Brows and Lips for a fresh and youthful look. Hope you enjoy!

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Anti Ageing Make-Up Tips: Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blusher

Video - 11th Aug 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

As 10 Years Younger is on TV at the moment, I thought I'd make a couple of films featuring some of my Anti-Aging Make-up tips. My 'Eyes, Brows and Lips' film will go up tomorrow. I have so many thoughts and ideas on youthful looking make-up (for all ages) that it was very hard deciding which ones to include, but I hope it's helpful. Lisa x

Gallery Update - Elle's Belle

Blog - 7th Aug 2010 - Comments 13 - Read →

I've been really bad at updating my Gallery these past few months mainly due to lack of time. So I've decided to make amends and start adding all the recent covers and shoots starting with this Tatler cover I did with Elle McPherson and photographer Ruven Afanador. It's always a pleasure working with Elle as she is such a smart cookie. This shoot was all about her summer and beach style but let's face it, with a body like hers absolutely anything would look good!

Love it or Loathe it... 10 Years Younger is back!

Blog - 2nd Aug 2010 - Comments 24 - Read →

Starting today the new series of 10 Years Younger will be on Channel 4 EVERY evening at 5pm for the next two weeks. For those of you who haven't seen it, the premise of the show is make-up and beauty treatments verses quite heavy duty surgery. I am of course the champion of the power of make-up. Two women take part and are judged by the public to see who has lost the most years... sometimes I win ...sometimes I don't.

This series was shot over a year ago so I'm looking forward to catching the show just to remind myself of the all the fabulous women I worked with. I do remember there are some phenomenal transformations and, I seem to remember, a few victories for me.

To watch the shows on the internet go to

If you manage to catch any of the shows let me know what you think. Lisa x

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