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Trend - Dark Lipsticks

Blog - 7th Oct 2010 - Comments 21 - Read →

It's no secret that the key lipstick trend for this season is the strong, dramatic dark lip, a look that was seen all over the catwalks, from shimmering deep reds at Givenchy to rich plums at Dolce and Gabbana and bruised purples at Proenza Schouler.

While these dark lips looked effortlessly gorgeous on the models, in everyday life it can be a difficult look to nail, especially for those of us who wouldn’t normally make much of a statement with our lip colour or those with thinner lips– the prospect of donning such a bold shade can be slightly daunting!

I've filmed a tutorial which will hopefully show you the easiest and most wearable way to achieve this statement look which I’ll be posting shortly, but for now I wanted to showcase a few of my current favourite dark lipsticks.You can see in the photo above I’ve swatched 6 of my favs, from L-R,

  1. Rimmel Lasting Finish in 123 True Vintage,
  2. Jemma Kidd Make-Up School Ultimate Lipstick Duo in 01 Cleopatra,
  3. Dior Addict Lipcolour in 989 Pinstripe Plum,
  4. YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 08 Belle de Rose,
  5. 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in New Black
  6. Clinique Almost Lipstick in 06 Black Honey.

Links to all of these are at the end of the post.

With so much choice out there, it’s really important to choose the right shade for your skin tone in order to get the most out of the colour. The rose-wine Rimmel shade is perfect for pale skin and a great introduction to colour as the formula isn’t too heavy – so while it gives a gorgeous finish, the end result doesn’t make too much of a massive statement.

Jemma Kidd and the YSL shade are good all-rounders, suiting the majority of skin tones but especially those with olive-dark skin as the red base gives the colour a real vibrancy which looks amazing against darker skin. The Jemma Kidd lipstick has the added bonus of a double-ended stick with a balm on one end to prepare your lips for colour.

The Dior would look great on those with light-medium skin tones. This is a great colour as while it does contain red its not too red, likewise purple so its not overly dramatic. The sheerer texture makes it really easy to apply and allows you to build up the colour to suit.

The 17 colour works really well on pale-light medium skin as a dramatic stain, great if you want to make a bold statement on a night out. For the price the colour really delivers.

Finally the Clinique shade is great for any of you who are scared of colour – its sheer formula gives great colour without looking over-the-top, and the glossy finish is perfect for anyone with small, thin lips.

If your lips are a bit on the thin side use a matching lip pencil to cheat the shape. Make sure you choose one which exactly matches the tone of the lipstick and soften the edges so it's not too harsh. I use Clinique 'Plummy'  in the video which I think worked really well. You can either apply the pencil after the lip colour OR as a correcting base all over before.

A really important thing to remember when trying out this dark lips look is blush – essential unless you want to channel the gothic look! Choose your blusher wisely – using one with the same base tones as your lipstick will not only stop you from looking washed out but also helps to tie the whole look together. So a berry-coloured blush will look great against red-based lipsticks, while one with pinky violet undertones will work really well with more purpley lip colours.

Of course one of the easiest ways to ensure that you get the look right is to use your lipstick as a cheek stain (take a look at my "4 ways with lipstick" video tutorial to see the best way to do this) - just remember that you can only use this technique when you’ve used a liquid foundation for your base – using a lipstick as a blush over any powder formulations will make your base patchy.

Keep your eyes peeled for the video tutorial which I’ll be posting over the next couple of days. In the film you’ll find tips on applying dark colours to thinner lips, different application techniques and see me apply two of my favourite shades.

17 – Lasting Fix Lipstick – New Black

Clinique – Almost Lipstick – 06 Black Honey

Dior – Dior Addict Lipcolour – 989 Pinstripe Plum

Jemma Kidd Make-up School – Ultimate Lipstick Duo – 01 Cleopatra

Rimmel – Lasting Finish Vintage – 123 True Vintage

YSL – Rouge Pur Couture – 08 Belle de Rose

Inspiration - Vogue Models Book...First Look!

Blog - 28th Sep 2010 - Comments 67 - Read →

You’ve probably already spotted the cover (the amazing Craig McDean picture of Kate Moss) on one of the many blogs eagerly anticipating its October release date, but this is the first time anyone has actually been able to show what lies within!

Vogue Model: The Faces of Fashion, edited by Robin Derrick and Robin Muir, is an A-Z catalogue of some of the most recognisable faces in fashion and is set to become a firm coffee table favourite (it already has pride of place on mine!) and an essential stocking filler for Christmas.

One of the best things is that it spans a 90 year history, giving us an insight into the lives of many of the models who, while their faces are instantly recongisable, we actually know very little about. Kate, Agyness and Naomi may be household names but, in the days pre-supermodel, and the days when modeling was barely considered a viable let alone glamorous career choice, we didn’t know anything about the girl in the photograph. How old were they? Where were they born? Who were they married to?

Vogue Model tells us the unknown stories about these iconic women – who would have guessed that Lud would end up traveling the world not as a model, but with the circus as the wife of a lion tamer? Or that Maggie Rizer’s career would end after her stepfather gambled away most of her $7 million fortune?

Some of the stories are funny, some, like Maggie’s, are sad, but all of them are truly fascinating – I’ve been dipping in and out of it since I’ve had my hands of it and am constantly amazed at the things I discover and learn each time.

It’s also great as the images allow us to see how the ideal of beauty has changed, evolved and, in some cases, come full circle over the past 90 years. From the bare-faced chic of Audrey Marnay in 1997 to the wide-eyed iconic beauty of Twiggy throughout the swinging sixties, these women embody the beauty, trends, and feeling of the time.

I was thrilled to discover that many of the photographs that were chosen are ones where I have done the make-up. My first job with Vogue was with Cecelia Chancellor (who’s also included in the book) in New York in 1993 and since then I have worked on numerous stories with the magazine, so reading the book and seeing many of the girls I have made up over the years brings back many happy memories.

I remember so well shooting this picture (below) of the incredibly beautiful Bridgette Hall. The photographer Robert Erdmann and I had a major crush on Bridgette (who wouldn’t??) and had worked with her many times previously. When the Vogue assignment to work with her again came in we were thrilled because the brief was to shoot her in her home town. We had two days to shoot her in all her favourite Dallas hangouts. This photograph was taken in the locker rooms at the Cowboys stadium and we ended the shoot at her favourite theme park screaming all over the rollercoaster! Brilliant fun.

I remember the picture of Audrey Marnay (also below) very well too, we shot it really late at night down on the embankment right next to the Thames (I remember it was really cold!). We were all laughing because photographer Regan Cameron, who’s not only fantastic at his job but also hilarious, was doing his now legendary Austin Powers impression (the movie had just come out), I don’t know how Audrey managed to look so composed in the shot!

I haven’t seen many of these girls for years so it’s a pleasure to see all their extraordinary beauty together in one place.

Do you have any favourite models? Who’s your all time favourite? I’d love to know.

Vogue Model is released on 7th October but you can pre-order at Amazon now.


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Trend - Modern Heavy Natural

Video - 23rd Sep 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

A very modern take on the early 90's 'brown everywhere' trend which is back with a vengeance this Autumn/Winter. Earthy tones combined with flawless skin, highlighting and sculpting makes this look universally gorgeous and flattering. Hope you like it! x

Lisa Loves - My Backstage Secret Beauty Weapons

Blog - 22nd Sep 2010 - Comments 18 - Read →

OK, this was a bit of a cheat because they're people, SUQQU Gankin massage therapists Tziana and Sze Wan.

For as long as I’ve been a fan of the brand I have known about their award winning Gankin massage but never had time to try it for myself. So 3 days before the start of London Fashion Week I decided to make time and finally book an appointment.

The treatment lasts around 30 minutes of which the Gankin massage is only about 5. I booked in with Julia at Selfridges not knowing what to expect. Don’t confuse the Gankin facial massage technique with one of those airy-fairy facials, it’s quite hard and can be painful (in a good way)…. like a deep tissue body massage. Gankin explores the relationship between stiff facial muscles and sagging skin and like all forms of deep massage it reduces facial swelling and fluid retention, improves circulation and lymph drainage, removes stiffness, lifts and shapes contours and breaks down unwanted fat deposits. The bit I found painful was underneath my cheeks (probably because I’m a habitual teeth grinder by night) but it felt like there was a really satisfying release of tension by the end. After the massage Julia applied a fabulous thing called ‘Upsurge Essence’ an instant tightening serum massaged with very firm and repeated lifting movements from cheek to temple after which I looked several years younger and a lot more relaxed. Unfortunately the effects of this product and application method only last for a couple of hours but its perfect for a night out.

I instantly knew I needed two of these super fast miracle workers backstage and begged Christa, Suqqu’s PR, to pull strings so that I could kidnap them for the weekend… their busiest time in store! What a difference it made, not only were the models completely in heaven but their skin was absolutely glowing.

When I had my appointment I only had 15 minutes to spare (yes I am that busy at the moment sadly) so I missed out on the 15 minute ‘how to perform a daily Gankin on yourself’ lesson. Including this, the treatment lasts around 30 minutes and costs £30; they will also do your make-up afterwards using all the fab Suqqu products and brushes. It’s available at Birmingham and London branches of Selfridges - Freephone 0800 123400.

It’s a great thing to have before a special occasion especially if you are suffering from a case of puffy ‘pre-menstrual face’ (you know the one) and the DIY massage you learn will last you forever.  I firmly (no pun intended) believe, as someone who grew up watching her mother perform nightly DIY facial massage - usually whilst watching TV - and who now at 70 looks 50, that a daily massage helps to keep your face looking young and fresh. Fingertips at the ready! 

To download a free step by step guide to doing a Gankin massage on yourself go to:

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Nicole Richie - Cover Look

Video - 17th Sep 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This make-up look I did on Nicole Richie for the cover of UK InStyle (shot by photographer extraordinaire Lee Broomfield) has been hugely requested since I put the shots on my blog last week. It's a strong Autumnal look with fierce eye make-up that I thought worked really well on Nicole's big eyes.

My eyes are a completely different shape to Nicole's but hopefully this tutorial demonstrates how the eye-make can be adapted to suit different eye shapes.

The pink/plum and glittery-ness of the look increases with flash photography. Have fun! x

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A Work/College Look

Video - 13th Sep 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

An end of the summer take on work and office make-up. I've used pretty textures and shades which will enhance the last of your summer glow but at the same time feel quite professional. The lip colour could be substituted by a less "lively' shade if you want to present a more business-like image. Hope you like it x

Nicole Richie - New Cover and Pictures

Blog - 6th Sep 2010 - Comments 47 - Read →

My make-up is featuring on Nicole Richie for this months UK InStyle cover. I decided to do quite a strong pinky plum eye and make the eyes very much the focus of the look. Nicole has beautiful big eyes and I thought the shape and colour complimented them perfectly, plus it gave a fiercer more 'fashion' feel to the cover.

The cover and all the shots inside were shot by uber photographer Lee Broomfield and I really love them.  

I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on the look I created. Let me know if you would like to see this re-created using the textures and shades I used.


Lisa x

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