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Gallery Update - New UK Glamour Beauty pics

Blog - 20th Nov 2010 - Comments 68 - Read →

This month’s Glamour magazine features a beauty story I worked on with uber beauty photographer Kenneth Willhardt featuring 5 gorgeous party looks. With so much minimalism in make-up around this season, it was great to let loose and create these stand-out looks, full of Christmas sparkle and shine!

I’m a big fan of glitter make-up and tried to use it in lots of different ways. In the first shot I layered large ' jet bead' style glitter over a dramatic smoky eye and added fine glitter in peacock hues to accent the inner corners. For the second image I started with a classic eye and lip make-up and then added a bright violet glitter to the lips which gave a gorgeous, almost holographic effect. For the shot below, again quite a trditional make-up of liner, lashes and a matte red lip, I added fine silver glitter as highlighter on and around the cheekbones to give the make-up a twist. Its also a great way to bring a real Christmassy feel to the make-up without being over the top.

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Liquid Blush

Video - 19th Nov 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I’ve had tons of requests asking me about the huge subject of blush - from where to apply it, to what shade to use to the best blusher brushes around. But rather than make one massive (and long!) film, I’ve decided to break the subject up into a series of smaller films - this liquid blush one being the first.

Liquid blush is great for a natural look, but the products can be tricky to apply, especially if you’ve never used them before. I thought it was best therefore to make this tutorial really informative and give you an overall understanding of the basics of liquid blushes so that you can work out which colours and formulations will best suit you.

The film includes six of my favourite liquid blush products. I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll let you know when I make the next one (creams and mousses) in the series.

Gallery Update - Seeing Stars

Blog - 15th Nov 2010 - Comments 32 - Read →

Thanks so much to everyone who has watched my teaser of this month's Vogue beauty story, Seeing Stars on the new iPad app. For those of you who haven't seen them yet, here are the gorgeous images from the shoot. The stars are a mix of free hand drawn, stencilled, held on with face gloss or eyelash glue. All the lines are drawn free hand and the glitter and iridescence layered on after.

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Beautiful 'Star' Make-up - Vogue Shoot

A quick look inside the first ever Vogue UK app, my make-up on the incredibly beautiful Jourdan Dunn and a sneaky peak at the 'behind the scenes' footage of my Star Inspired beauty story with gorgeous Frida Gustavsson (a shooting star herself!). I'll be posting the beauty and fashion stills in the gallery section of my website soon. The magazine and iPad App (downloadable from the iTunes Store) are both available now. Hope you enjoy this mini teaser X

Gallery Update - Angelababy for Vogue China

Blog - 5th Nov 2010 - Comments 27 - Read →

I hadn't heard of Angelababy before I got a booking to do her make-up for for this big editorial for Vogue China but I soon learnt she's a hugely popular model, actress and celebrity in China. She was completely adorable and had a beautiful face for make-up.

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Smoky Winged Eyeliner

Please excuse my skin in this film. I had a horrible allergic reaction and very red bumpy skin. I had tried out a primer that my skin clearly didn't like. Its very unusual for me to have an a reaction to make-up, in fact it's the first time its happened. Anyway it's all better now thankfully!

Wasn't really sure what to call this film but as it was a mix of a soft grey smoky eye and a winged liner I decided on this title. I hope you like the look!

Glitter bomb Miu Miu's = shoes for Tanzania

Blog - 1st Nov 2010 - Comments 10 - Read →

Those of you who follow me on twitter may remember that whilst shopping for a ‘sensible’ pair of summer sandals I bought these amazing sparkly Miu Miu numbers. Many of you reacted to the twitpic with an ‘oooh they look rather gorgeous'.

Anyway I was recently asked to donate a favourite pair of shoes to the charity Shoe Aid For Africa for their on-line auction this Wednesday. I immediately thought of these as not only are they totally cool (check out the zip up the back – love that!!) but I have only worn them once so they are in mint condition, with box and shoe bag in perfect nick too. So if you are (or know of) a small footed - I’m a size 36 - sparkly shoe addict then get bidding!

There will also be shoes donated by a whole host of others including Mel C, (a nice pair of Chanel), Denise Van Outen, Strictly’s Felicity Kendal, Jameela, Pearl Lowe and Scrubs actor Zach Braff.

For every 63p ($1) raised, the charity will send a pair of shoes to children in Tanzania. Did you know that half of all children in Africa don’t own a single pair! Shoes cost more than a month’s salary – approximately 12% of the annual wage in Africa so most people cannot afford this fundamental human requirement we all take for granted.

Spread the word about this auction and help to make a difference – and get a nice pair of shoes whilst you’re at it!

To make a bid on eBay click HERE.

Visit for more info.

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