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Gallery Update - Turkish Vogue

Blog - 31st Jul 2011 - Comments 71 - Read →

I've been a bit slack about updating my gallery recently hence there's a bit of a backlog to get through now so, first up...I'm really pleased with these new images as they are really colourful but incredibly clean and chic at the same time. Beautifully shot by Turkish photographer Cuneyt Akeroglu, a London based photographer with a penchant for the very English business of a Devonshire cream and strawberry jam scone in the afternoon (my waistband expanded enormously during this shoot!)

Turkish Vogue launched 1 year ago and has a great feeling of newness about it... I like the way it's dared to use three fresh new faces (and minimal copy) on the cover instead of the usual celebrities or well known models.

The Eldridge speciality of flawless, luminous skin was the order of the day - hope you like!

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Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired Make-up

Video - 26th Jul 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →


For more Audrey Hepburn inspired makeup, click here for my tutorial on her 1950's look in the film Funny Face. 

Especially for those who requested this tutorial, this video is also a bit of fun for anyone who wants to dress up as Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's for a costume party or channel a little of her spirit for a night out. The fact that I've had so many requests for this look shows how the legend and the appeal of Audrey in this iconic film lives on and on. No-one else before or since has been as graceful, chic and downright gamine as her... she really took sophisticated glamour to a whole new level of stylishness!

Her make-up look was created by Wally Westmore, a big Hollywood Make-up Artist at the time with many great films under his belt. Interestingly enough he was one of 6 brothers who were all Hollywood Make-up Artists - that must have been an interesting house to grow up in!

Audrey's look in the film was ultimately one of fresh, youthful beauty. Her skin looked glowy, natural and very fresh at all times. The pink blush on her cheeks changed in intensity from scene to scene depending on the situation but was always a pretty pink bloom. The same with her eye make-up which was pretty minimal and ranged from brown liner and very little shadow for the day scenes to more depth for the evening and party scenes. Throughout the film, false lashes were absolutely key and helped to further emphasise her incredible doe eyes. Her eyebrows in this film were a big departure from the previously seen very dark and heavily drawn on ones. To compliment her lighter hair Wally kept her brows much softer, lighter and more broken up than we had seen before. Still naturally thick of course but much less at the forefront of her look ... this made her liner, lashes, and therefore her eye shape, the most noticeable and defined feature on her face.

Audrey never wore lip gloss always favouring a classic matte or satin lip which was very much in keeping with her classy, sophisticated image .. ditto bronzer. So to stay true to Audrey, ditch both of these items when recreating any of her'll make it look vulgar and Audrey would never stand for that!

I've done this type of look on hundreds of models and celebrities throughout my career but never on myself so this was fun for me to do too .... hope you like my Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired look!

If you want to learn more about the history of makeup, have a look at my FacePaint page here X

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Beach Brights

Video - 15th Jul 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Make-up for the beach was a big no no a few years ago, but now with incredible advancements in cosmetic technology it's become super fashionable. Genuinely waterproof formulations, particularly for eyes, open up a whole new world of beauty possibilities. This video gives a few pointers on general beach make-up and focuses on some of the yummiest brightly coloured products around this summer.

Sometimes its just about doing whatever it takes to feel confident especially in the first day or two of a holiday. I always feel a bit self conscious the first day on the beach wearing a bikini so covering a big spot on my chin can really make a huge difference to how I feel! 

As I say in the video it's all about skin protection, choosing the right textures and having fun!

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Make-up Tips From Behind The Scenes (plus 'Add One Thing')

Video - 10th Jul 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This short film contains footage of a beauty shoot I did featuring models from 3 different age groups. The pictures were to illustrate a feature on beauty products for different age ranges. The girls had to look absolutely fresh and glowing.. almost like they had just had a facial and the make-up needed to reflect this.

In addition to this, we had to shoot a party picture but only had five minutes to change the make-up. As my philosophy on day to night make-up has always been 'Add One Thing' I felt a bright pink lip was definitely the way to go. With lighter nights and warm evenings there are a lot more opportunities to go out after work in the summer. When you are changing your make-up from day to evening at work and time is limited, I suggest following my 5 top tips tips for a 5 minute spruce up:

  • Take cotton buds and some make-up remover to work.
  • Use them to clean up the area underneath your eyes as this the area of your make-up which tends to get the most wear throughout the day and the first place your face will show signs of fatigue.
  • Re-do under-eye concealer and touch up any areas of your face that need it (re-conceal any spots or blemishes that are showing)
  • Choose one thing to turn you make-up from day to night! This could be a great lip colour, a striking eyeliner, a quick smoky eye or a stronger brow etc. By choosing to only add one thing you will have the time to do it properly - a perfectly applied eyeliner is more effective than tons of extra make-up slapped on all over without thought.
  • Add your one thing and do it well. For example if you are adding a red lip, apply it beautifully with a lip brush.

Go out and have fun!

Gallery Update - Sophie Dahl Red Carpet

Blog - 6th Jul 2011 - Comments 39 - Read →

I did deliciously gorgeous Sophie Dahls make for the red carpet recently. The event was the Ark Ball in London, a very glamorous and high profile fundaraising event which this year was also attended by Wiliam & Kate. Sophie recently became a mum so I haven't seen much of her as she and Jamie have been spending lots of family time together in the country with their beautiful baby daughter.

Sophie is one of the sweetest people I have had the good fortune to work with over the past ten years. She also has a wicked sense of humour and a mischievious streak, so lots of fun to be had.

For this event we decided to keep the make-up very rosy and pretty with a little drama around the eyes. The red carpet was early so the make-up needed to look good in bright daylight (not overdone) but also translate to the evening and flash photography.

The products I used were:


Chanel - Vita Lumiere Aqua in 10 - perfect light coverage with a velvet finish

Fushion Beauty - IllumiCover Smoothing Concealer in Pale


Dior's Rosy Tan 5 colour palette - I used the pale pink shade all over the lid and then used the deepest purpley brown shade buffed into the socket line and soflty along the lower lash line (starting 2/3rds of the way along). Finishing with the palest shimmer pink at the brow bone

Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Plum Ink - along the upper lash line and flicked slightly at the outer corner

Max Factor - False Lash Effect Mascara in Black

Suqqu - Brow powder palette


RMK - Sheer Powder Cheeks in 03 Rose


No7 Lip Pencil in Nude

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy

Thanks Everyone

Blog - 5th Jul 2011 - Comments 66 - Read →

Wow what an amazing day I had meeting SO many of you at Selfridges. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to travel into central London to meet me. It was overwhelming and humbling to hear your views on my website and films. I was really struck by what genuinely nice people my website followers are and sort of felt as though I already knew everyone personally just through having this site in common. I got some pretty incredible (and highly unexpected!) presents too, so very big thanks for those. I really love this funny make-up related 'fuzzy felt' card (above) I got. Its from Marks & Spencer,  I think I definitely need to get some more of these!

I didn't  have time to take photos myself on the day but I know that lots of you did. Please post them on my facebook page if you have time as I'd love to see them!

I've been a little hectic with work and shoots this past week but there are lots of great things and new videos coming up on here very soon, so stay tuned X


Come and meet me!

Blog - 22nd Jun 2011 - Comments 111 - Read →

If you are in London next Friday the 1st of July, pop into Selfridges and say hi! To celebrate the launch of 'Make-up Confidential', Chanel are hosting an event. I will be on the counter all afternoon giving tips. To book an appointment call 020 73182372. There is also the opportunity to book an appointment to get your nails done by super manicurist Marian Newman with the latest Chanel colours. If you don't manage to get an appointment you can still drop by. Hope to see you there! XX

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