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Inspiration - A Brave Click of The Shutter & Giveaway

Blog - 7th Sep 2014 - Comments - Read →

As a make-up artist working in the fashion industry its important to be well versed in art, literature, cinema and photography references. Not only for inspiration but so you can take direction and work as part of a team in the various creative processes that take place when creating imagery for magazines and advertising.

I spent a good part of my teenage and early adult life pouring over images in glossy magazines and photography books and strolling around galleries soaking up as much visual language as I could squeeze into my head. One of my favourite images is this one of Muriel Maxwell in white sunglasses applying bright red lipstick (1939). It's one of those iconic fashion images that perfectly sum up the aesthetic, glamour and feminine mood of the time and chimes so well with the fast paced changes that were taking place in womens lives.

This striking image was taken by Horst, one of the leading fashion photographers of the 20th Century. Famous for many of his black and white images he was also one of the first photographers to perfect the new colour techniques of the 1930s. When someone has been close to the likes of Coco Chanel captured the beauty of Bettie Davis, Rita Hayworth,Vivien Leigh, Marlene Dietrich and created more than 90 Vogue covers - you sit up and take notice!

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Lavender Smokey Eye - Starring Sophie Dahl

Video - 22nd Aug 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This gorgeous lavender smokey eye make-up was a much requested look on my Instagram and Facebook. A recent red carpet look I created for the inimitable Sophie Dahl, it's easy to achieve and suits all colouring. X

On my nails, I'm wearing Nails Inc - Nail Kale in Bruton Mews

Flawless Friday! Lisa Loves - Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

Blog - 22nd Aug 2014 - Comments - Read →

I'm loving using Ren's Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial at the moment. I smooth a thin layer all over my face (I don't rub as they suggest as it's a little grainy for my taste). Then add water which turns it in to a wonderfully smooth, rich lotion - and the water activates vitamin C in the formula. Massage skin for a couple of minutes and then leave for one minute. Rinse off for smoother, brighter skin. Use every three days. Quick easy and effective - it's my summer holiday favourite this year. X

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Simple Shimmer - Everyday Makeup Look

Video - 13th Aug 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

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Chanel - Collection États Poétiques

Blog - 7th Aug 2014 - Comments - Read →

I’m away in Austria this week so won't be uploading my new video today (back in a few days though, so will upload early next week). In the meantime, fans of Chanel make-up may be interested to see this look I created for their site using their Fall/Autumn 2014 Collection États Poétiques. The eye colours in this new collection really make a statement so I decided to do a bold colourful eye look. You can recreate the look in any way you like. I've also taken a few photos of the other items in the collection, as we all love drooling over pictures of make-up!




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Cleansing Balms and News Update!

Video - 30th Jul 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Here's a little update on everything that's been happening at the House of Eldridge and an in-depth look at some of my current favourite Cleansing Balms.Xx

The nail varnish I am wearing is Jessica's White Cap

Youth in a Tube

Blog - 19th Jul 2014 - Comments - Read →

I have been working in Ibiza this week and while packing my personal bags and kit, I was thinking about how much choice we have now when it comes to facial suncreams. When I was in my teens, a very well-preserved Norwegian lady I knew told me off for getting a facial tan by warning that "A tan lasts a week but the damage lasts forever" Admittedly this was years ago before the advent of lasers, retinol creams and peels etc but it stayed with me. As an acne sufferer I had a love/hate relationship with suncream back then and wearing creamy, pore blocking SPF creams made me very nervous. I understood (although there was a lot less information available about what the changes actually were) that the UVA rays could potentially damage and age my skin and the UVB could cause skin cancer but I hated the breakouts that followed suncream use even more. My focus back then was definitely on controlling the spots and living in the moment and the lack of non- greasy products meant I usually went bare faced. 

The first time I got excited about SPF was when I went travelling in the US and found that there were a lot more dermatologist brands creating oil-free formulations with high protection aimed at acnegenic skin - it was a revelation! Although I have the acne under control now I'm still always on the look out for the best facial blocks that really work with, not against, my skin type. Today it's a lot easier as there are so many textures, finishes (oh how I used to dream of an oil free, matte finish sunscreen in my teens) and price points to suit everyone. So combine protection with a texture that makes your skin look and feel great.

Here are a few facial creams I like for different skin types....

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