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Bold Winged Eyeliner (also a great look for hooded eyes)

You can adapt and tailor this bold, graphic black liner to suit your taste... for example, use brown or grey shades to make it less Intense and more wearable.

With huge thanks to lovely Beth, follow her on instagram here

The lipstick I am wearing in the introduction is Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet in L'exuberante

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My Facial Massage Routine

Video - 25th Sep 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

My most requested film ever on my Facebook and Instagram! Be your most fresh faced and radiant. In my opinion this is THE holy grail of anti-ageing skincare (this and sunblock of course!) X

For my puffiness bags under the eyes causes and treatments film, click here

#MakeupMoments - Clueless

Blog - 22nd Sep 2014 - Comments - Read →

Last time I did a 'Make-up Moment' blog post it was the eerie lash look from A Clockwork Orange created by Barbara Daly so this time I thought I'd do something COMPLETELY different and transport us back to Beverly Hills High School in the early 90's.

Loosely based on Jane Austin's 1816 novel Emma (but with a lot more outfits!), writer and Director Amy Heckerling takes a satirical look at surviving teenage life in Beverley Hills High. The film follows the trials and tribulations of image obsessed Cher (played brilliantly by Alicia Silverstone) as she skips homework and fails to land good grades - instead focusing on boy dilemmas, matchmaking the teachers and making over Tai (played by Brittany Murphy - who sadly died aged just 32), the clueless’ new student.

The makeup for the film was created by Alan Friedman, an Emmy award winning Hollywood makeup artist who worked on many iconic 90's movies and shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Ally McBeal.

I caught up with Alan to find out what it was like to work with Alicia and co.

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Pink Berry Chic - A Wearable Fall/Autumn Look

Video - 12th Sep 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

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A long lasting, wearable, fall look with some of my top tips for wearing plums. I hope you like it! X

On my nails, I'm wearing Essie - Foot Loose - 520

If you love the plum shades I’m using in my latest tutorial but cant find them where you are, I’ve sourced some alternative products click here to read my blog post. X 

Plum Chic - Alternative Plums

Blog - 11th Sep 2014 - Comments - Read →

Thank you for all your comments on my latest film ‘Plum Chic – A Wearable Fall / Autumn Look.’ If you love the look of the KIKO eye pencil but can’t find it where you live I have sourced a couple of similar alternative products.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Paranoid Purple (1)  is a pearlier, creamier version in a slightly lighter shade.

There’s also Clinique’s Portly Plum 11 (2) which is a sheerer, less intense version or, for a more intense pigment pay off try ByTerry’s Ombre Blackstar in Velvet Orchard (3) , both pencils are much creamier than the KIKO so easier to blend (although not as long lasting!).

The Maybelline Lip Pencil I use in the video  is new and currently only available in the UK, however for a similar, slightly redder based plum lip pencil try Nars Matt Velvet Lip Pencil in Damned (4). 

Here's the film incase you missed it. If you know of any other great alternatives, please do let everyone know in the comments. Thanks X 

Inspiration - A Brave Click of The Shutter & Giveaway

Blog - 7th Sep 2014 - Comments - Read →

As a make-up artist working in the fashion industry its important to be well versed in art, literature, cinema and photography references. Not only for inspiration but so you can take direction and work as part of a team in the various creative processes that take place when creating imagery for magazines and advertising.

I spent a good part of my teenage and early adult life pouring over images in glossy magazines and photography books and strolling around galleries soaking up as much visual language as I could squeeze into my head. One of my favourite images is this one of Muriel Maxwell in white sunglasses applying bright red lipstick (1939). It's one of those iconic fashion images that perfectly sum up the aesthetic, glamour and feminine mood of the time and chimes so well with the fast paced changes that were taking place in womens lives.

This striking image was taken by Horst, one of the leading fashion photographers of the 20th Century. Famous for many of his black and white images he was also one of the first photographers to perfect the new colour techniques of the 1930s. When someone has been close to the likes of Coco Chanel captured the beauty of Bettie Davis, Rita Hayworth,Vivien Leigh, Marlene Dietrich and created more than 90 Vogue covers - you sit up and take notice!

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Lavender Smokey Eye - Starring Sophie Dahl

Video - 22nd Aug 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This gorgeous lavender smokey eye make-up was a much requested look on my Instagram and Facebook. A recent red carpet look I created for the inimitable Sophie Dahl, it's easy to achieve and suits all colouring. X

On my nails, I'm wearing Nails Inc - Nail Kale in Bruton Mews

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