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Simple Evening Makeup Look for Mature Women

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I’m often asked by my more mature viewers, ‘what makeup can I wear for an evening or party?’ or ‘I like wearing bright lip colour but I’m in my 60s and I don’t think it’s appropriate’. So, this film is an evening party look with a beautiful bold lip.

Here I demonstrate techniques on Dalia on how to achieve a modern, lasting evening look and show you that no matter what your age you can rock bright lipstick. Whether you are in this category or you’d like to help your mother or grandmother do her makeup, I hope you like it. X

For alternative dupes for the limited edition lipstick, Revon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in 440 Cherries in the Snow and Rimmel's Colour Rush Balm in All you need is pink are great. 

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It's Coming... #FacePaintBook

Video - 14th Aug 2015 - Views - Comments - Watch →

My book Face Paint, about the History of Makeup, is being released on the 13th of October and is available to preorder here - I’m really excited for you all to see it! X

Music - Seeds Of Retribution by Daryl Griffith

Texture Trend Alert - New Generation Sunscreen Oils

Blog - 12th Aug 2015 - Comments - Read →

I packed a few of the suncreams I featured in my ‘Youth in a Tube’ sunscreen film on my recent holiday - which were much needed as the weather was hot! Lots of you asked me for body sunscreen recommnedations and as I said in the video, many of the brands I mentioned (Avene, La Roche-Posay, Institut Esthederm) have great sun protection lotions for body. However, I've noticed a big trend towards body sunscreens with oil formulas this summer.

#MakeupMoments - She Wore Blue Velvet

Blog - 10th Aug 2015 - Comments - Read →

Before doing Isabella Rossellini's make-up recently I wanted to remind myself of the makeup she has worn for movies and in everyday life. As usual with internet (and the power of Google images, I ended up going through all the looks she has worn since her career began. Although Isabella didn't begin acting until she was 31, she's played some truly brilliant and iconic roles. The one that she's perhaps best know for is the beautiful, mesmerising Dorothy Vallens in Blue Velvet, and when I was looking at some of the images from the film I was reminded of just how amazing her look was - I'm still inspired by that electric blue eyeshadow and those glossy cherry red lips, everything about the makeup was so bold and ravishing.

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The Eyeliners I Can’t Live Without

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A quick film showing my pro kit favourite black eyeliners. They’re the ones I use time and time again on models, , celebrities - and myself! 

On my lips is Sisley's Phyto-Lip Twist Lipstick in number 1 and on my eyes I used the L'Oréal La Palette Nude in Beige. X

How to keep your cool

Blog - 4th Aug 2015 - Comments - Read →

I know the weather is really hot for lots of you right now, and I'm currently enjoying some Italian sun on my summer holiday. While I love the warm temperatures, the hot, humid air can play havoc with skin, so I keep cooling products to hand. I also carry these in my kit to use on the models and celebrities I’m working with (they were especially useful during my shoots in Ibiza and the South of France recently). Think of them like instant pick-me-ups for sticky skin and bodies – they’ll cool, calm, hydrate and take down redness and irritation. You can also use some of them post-sport and exercise as they can help soothe tired muscles.

There are lots of ingredients that have the ability to cool, from the more obvious like mint (which triggers the cold-sensitive receptors in our skin, making it one of the most effective cooling agents around) and cucumber, to the more unusual like avocado (a natural soother and hydrator), green tea (which can reduce inflammation and redness) and oatmeal (when combined with cooling ingredients, it can help to reduce irritation). Look out for ingredients like these when you’re shopping for cooling products and have a look at my picks for keeping your cool in the heat below...

Why I love the Mayr

Blog - 2nd Aug 2015 - Comments - Read →

Earlier this year, in April, I made my annual visit the Mayr health retreat in Austria. When I tell people that I’ve being doing annual Mayr ‘cures’ for years, their first response is often to gasp in horror. They’ve likely heard shocking reports of no food, colonics and long, boring days (interjected with regular trips to the bathroom), but my experience is the complete opposite. Yes, the Mayr is very much a medical clinic as opposed to a luxury spa, and it isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s far from torturous. If anything, what the Mayr teaches is basic common sense - eat slowly, chew properly, drink plenty of water and go to bed early.

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