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Vintage Beauty Advice from Hollywood's Makeup Legends

Blog - 23rd Jun 2016 - Comments - Read →

To say the modern makeup industry started in Hollywood is no exaggeration - and in those days, the Westmores WERE the makeup industry.

One of the things I really wanted to highlight in my book was the full story of this incredible dynasty who set up the very first makeup department in Hollywood and went on to dominate the industry. Although a lot of women might not recognise the name ‘Westmore’, the Westmore family (father George and his sons Perc, Mont, Ern, Wally, Bud and Frank) were hugely influential in shaping women’s appearances, from eyebrows to lips and hairstyles, throughout the first half of the 20th Century. All of the iconic movie stars passed by the Westmores’ makeup chairs at some point (in fact Bette Davis once said that she owed her entire career to the Westmore brothers) and when you’re inspired by a makeup trend today, it’s possible that it has its roots in a style first developed by a Westmore (Face Paint - The Story of Makeup).

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The Quick Version of my Signature Celebrity Kitten Eye

Video - 17th Jun 2016 - Views - Comments - Watch →

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My quickest celebrity kitten eye ever. This look is my go-to liner look for when my celebrity clients are ‘makeup moving targets’. Perfect when you only have 15 minutes or less to do your entire makeup but want a kitten eye that’s on point!X

#FlawlessFriday Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

Blog - 10th Jun 2016 - Comments - Read →

Liquid lipsticks are great if you're after a gorgeous hit of dramatic, intense colour. They also tend to have long-lasting formulas so a good lip choice if you've got a wedding, party or date and don't want to worry about touching up. The downside is that they can sometimes feel drying, so make sure you prep your lips first - a gentle scrub if you need to (liquid lipsticks, especially matte finish, may exaggerate the look of any dryness or flakes), and a bit of balm - you can read more about how I do this in my long-lasting lip tips bloghere. Application also takes a bit of practise as liquid lipsticks can be messy - you definitely need to use a mirror when applying! If you're a beginner, keep some cotton buds and makeup remover to hand to clean up any mistakes quickly.

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Glow - The Eldridge Way

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Before any makeup look perfect your skin and get a clean, beautiful looking base. I hope you like it. x

Waterproof Mascaras That Do The Job!

Blog - 2nd Jun 2016 - Comments - Read →

There are plenty of times when a reliable, waterproof mascara formula is essential - think weddings, sensitive watery eyes, rainy days (the UK right now!), swimming, sports and humid climates. Waterproof mascaras are also good if you like to curl your eyelashes and find that non waterproof formulas don't hold the curl. Here are four good ones that I've used on myself and carry in my kit - two premium and two drugstore, all thoroughly tried-and-tested by myself and my #houseofeldridge team.

It's worth mentioning that waterproof mascaras generally don't deliver the same instant 'false lash' type effect of their non-waterproof cousins but, with a little work, they can look just as fabulous and the long-wear and curl-holding properties are definitely a bonus.

Four Tried-and-Tested Hydrators (That Suit Most Skin Types)

Blog - 29th May 2016 - Comments - Read →

I'm normally a combination skinned gal, but a temporary move to an apartment four months ago (which we hadn't realised has terrible ventilation), while our house is being refurbished, has left my skin feeling more parched than usual. There's a real lack of fresh air in the bedrooms which is playing havoc with my face and body, and my family's skin has been noticeably drier, too - it's made me realise how important a healthy environment is, particularly in the room you're sleeping in. I'm counting down the days until I'm back in my lovely, well-ventilated house (one week to go!).

Favourite Drugstore Concealers - Updated

Blog - 26th May 2016 - Comments - Read →

Concealer was the first makeup product that changed my life - as someone who suffered with acne, once I learnt to successfully cover my blemishes without looking like I was wearing a mask, my confidence grew and grew. Today, it's my secret weapon on shoots and red carpet events to blend away darkness, blemishes and uneven skintone for beautiful, flawless-looking skin. 

There are some great concealers on the high street - I wrote about five of my favourites last year (you can read about those ones here) but, as requested, I've been testing new ones at my studio - here's an updated round-up of some others I've tried and like...

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