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Inspiration - Wednesday - 26/01/11 - 2:47pm

Inspiration - Illustrator Izzie Klingels

Izzie Klingels is an amazingly talented illustrator whose work I’ve admired for a long time - she works across fashion, music and advertising and has a really unique style which is always eye-catching. She’s collaborated with huge brands...

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Video - Sunday - 23/01/11 - 4:00pm

Chocolate Berry Look

This tutorial is inspired by the looks I created for the January edition of Glamour magazine (you can see some of the images here). The make-up was inspired by warming winter tones like rich chocolatey browns, shimmering bronzes, plums and vibrant berries.

The gorgeous model Eve was a blue-eyed blonde, so I adapted the opening spread look a little to suit my colouring otherwise it would have become very dramatic with my dark hair and eyes! Despite this I think these types of tones work really well on all skin tones. Using tinted moisturiser and shimmer on the cheeks keeps the skin fresh, glowy and natural looking.

For darker skin tones deeper and more vibrant berry and plum looks great on eyes and cheeks whilst softer chocolatey berries and lighter shimmering bronze tones work better for paler skins.

At the end of the film you will see a photo of how I look when I do an exact copy of the first look in the magazine. You can see how much more dramatic and evening/sultry this look becomes when framed against my dark colouring. As usual its all about selecting the right tones to suit your skin tone and the occasion.

I hope you enjoy the film!

Pictures shot by David Gubert for Glamour magazine

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Friday - 21/01/11 - 4:30pm

Ask Lisa...

I LOVE the feedback and comments I get from all of you when I post a video or blog item but often there are so many additional questions and queries that I find impossible to reply to individually. I’ve decided to make a film (or films) where I...

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Thursday - 20/01/11 - 12:52pm

Gallery Update: Winter Beauty

The January edition of Glamour magazine features a beauty story I worked on with Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr and Sydney based photographer David Gubert, where food was the starting point of inspiration for the make-up. Using lots of rich cho...

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