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Make-up for the new Nars Cosmetics Film

23rd Mar 2013 - Comment

Have a look at this very cool interactive film I did with super talented director and animator Quentin Jones for Nars. The film features all 8 shades of their delicious new Satin Lip Pencils and the interactive journey means you decide which direction to go with the make-up. The 6 minute director's cut, linear version above takes you through all the various looks without interuption but if you want to see the interactive version too visit

It was a really great project to work on not least because of the two mega babe models - musician Sarah Ruba from über cool Canadian electronic band 'New Look' and fashion designer/stylist and style icon Catherine Baba... I'm crazy about these gals. I absolutely love this video and find myself getting lost in the journeys and dreamy moods.

Have a look and if there is one look that you absolutely LOVE and would really like to see as a tutorial, let me know. Whichever look gets the most requests, I'll make! X


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