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Lisa Loves - Tuesday - 13/04/10 - 11:53am

Lisa Loves - Perfume Crush

When I was in New York last week I noticed Byredo had launched a new perfume called La Tulipe. I absolutely loved it but the sensible side of me managed to talk myself out of a purchase reasoning I really didn't need another perfume. On my return to London I popped into Liberty's to buy a birthday pressie for my sister and once again there is was. It was meant to be and I'm in heaven with its delicious scent. La Tulipe is the most gorgeous springy fresh floral I've smelt in a long time. I also love the packaging and bottle design, very simple...Coco Chanel would approve. Not many fragrances are inspired by tulips as its notoriously difficult to extract their scent which makes this little masterpiece all the more amazing. Byredo are celebrating with a 'La Tulipe' pop up store at the St Martins Lane Hotel in London.

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Othergreengirl - Wednesday Mar 30th 2011 11:06pm
A year later, and you are still an enabler with this. Many thanks for the heads up. LOVE La Tulipe. Got a sample of it, and promptly ordered a bottle. No regrets on this one.

Alice - Thursday Jan 20th 2011 9:22pm
Hi Lisa! what was the one you used to wear all the time? Thanks!

Janelle - Thursday Jul 1st 2010 7:03pm
Also my favorite scent right now! I just bought a bottle and I'm in heaven, the whole line is so chic.

Nadine - Monday Apr 19th 2010 11:26am
Well, it would be lovely to see nonetheless! :) Looking forward x

Lisa Eldridge - Sunday Apr 18th 2010 7:48pm
@Nadine maybe but I'm no expert, I just know what I like : )

Nadine - Sunday Apr 18th 2010 7:09pm
Mmmm yes please to smelling scents through the screen! Lisa would you ever consider doing a perfume collection video or post? I'm so curious what's in your collection! Bises, Nadine

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Apr 17th 2010 7:35pm
@Spurmag86 yes if only smell-o-vision was here how brilliant would that be! I love La Tulipe as its very summery, It may drop from my favourites list once winter arrives - we'll see. My favourite over this last winter was Tom Ford's Oud Wood and last summer I was mad for Chanel Eau De Cologne. I definitely switch with the seasons and I'm always open to new ones. I used to just wear one all the time but now I like to change x

Spurmag86 - Thursday Apr 15th 2010 2:59am
Oh my! When will smell-o-vision come into fruition? How does this rate so far in the context of your overall collection? Just so I have some context, what is your favorite parfume? Thanks in advance!!!!

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