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Lisa Loves - Tuesday - 05/06/12 - 8:40am

Lisa Loves - Photo Tech meets Anti-Aging

There’s been a lot of a buzz around new Japanese skincare brand Astalift which launched in the UK last month. For anyone who hasn’t heard about it, the brand has been one of Japan’s bestselling skincare lines since it launched in 2007 and promises to fight signs of aging as it delivers a brighter, clearer, more luminous complexion.

The interesting thing about the brand is that it's been developed by Fujifilm, who have applied exactly the same technology they use to preserve and protect their photographic film to Astalift. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about the concept but learning more about it, it does make a lot of sense to bring this super-protecting and anti-aging technology into skincare and whilst I cant fully state that I love this range yet having not tried many of the items, I do love the ideas behind the technology.

In a nutshell, to preserve photographic film you have to protect its collagen and prevent antioxidation from UV rays. In the same way, to preserve skin and keep it looking healthy and hydrated, you also have to protect its collagen from the same UV rays and free radicals that we are exposed to daily.

So, Astalift has combined a natural protecting antioxidant called Astaxanthin found in marine algae with different types of collagen in its products. This helps to ‘shield’ skin from environmental aggressors which in turn helps skin to regain its natural luminosity, firmness and elasticity.

The hero product of the range is the Jelly Aquarysta, a bright coral jelly which I’ve been using for about a week. I really like the unusual texture which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like to use heavy creams, especially at night. The light, cool, refreshing texture is also good for summer when you don’t want to load too much product onto your skin. I’ve been applying this after cleansing twice daily and have already began to see a difference in my skin’s overall brightness and tone. You only need to use a small amount of product as a little goes a long way. Its best to use the spatula that comes with the jelly as I noticed that when I used my fingers I applied far too much and wasted a lot. The other clever thing about the jelly is that it ‘resurfaces’ itself after 90 seconds; giving it back it’s smooth texture.

I haven’t tried the night cream because of the aforementioned reasons but I reckon that this could be great for anyone with drier skin (as would the nourishing Day Cream). I have been using the eye cream - the results seem good but its still only a week so too early to say. The cleansers are also lovely to use – the Gentle Make-up Remover Gel is quite thick but great to really work into the skin. Massage in for a couple of minutes before rinsing off and you’ll see that it leaves your skin really clean with a gorgeous glow. I’m very keen to try the spf35 day protector to use on top of the jelly next, as I find Japanese brands generally do great skin protectors.

With all the new skincare launches that seem to happen on a constant basis, it’s really interesting to see such a new, fresh and different concept on the market. I’d love to know what you think of the range if you’ve tried it – how long have you been using it for and what you think of the results?

I noticed a lot of top make-up artists  and industry insiders like Hannah Murray, Florrie White, Kay Montano, Ruby Hammer and others have given this line the seal of approval on their site too:

The small pot of the signature Jelly is £21.00 and the large £69.00

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Latest Comments 78 | Add Your Comments

Laurie - Sunday Aug 5th 2012 3:30pm
Can you share an updated opinion on Astalift Jelly? Have you been using it -- does it live up to the hype?

Belinda - Thursday Jul 19th 2012 10:38pm
Hi Lisa, I just posted a comment below which made me think... It would be really awesome if you could do a video on products for younger people who want to stay looking young and don't yet have signs of aging. I'm too scared to try the anti-aging products because I've heard that some contain acid (to decrease the look of lines), but if a young person used a product with acid for a long time, it would probably actually end up making them look old. Thanks :) and I hope you consider my idea.

Belinda - Thursday Jul 19th 2012 10:36pm
Hi, would this be good for a 25 year old, who wants to stay looking young? I.E. doesn't have dark spots and lines etc.

Belinda - Thursday Jul 19th 2012 10:19pm
Hi, would this be good for a 25 year old, who wants to stay looking young? I.E. doesn't have dark spots and lines etc.

chris Cowl - Saturday Jul 7th 2012 8:56am
just found your site i love make up and skin care creams i live in australia and we always have to wait so for these great products ilive in south australi and we are behind can i get astalift in england over the internet thank you chris

shelleykerr83 - Saturday Jun 30th 2012 11:41am
Oh Lisa, I am really keen to try out Astalift. I see that Feel Unique has it and I will be purchasing the Jelly and the cleanser very soon. Thanks for letting us know about all your finds. Please comment when you use the cleanser and their spf x

Sophia - Sunday Jun 24th 2012 8:40pm
Lisa,thanks a lot for your blog, u make life so much easier for me that I choose most of my skincare and makeup products after reading ur thoughts about them, they are all working for me and I love them. I'm from Australia and unfortunately I could not find Astalift here, hope it will launch here someday. Expecting ur next vadio and blog post, u are the best!!!!!! Love from Melbourne

irina - Sunday Jun 24th 2012 9:32am
Bought Astalift gel and night cream in debenhams (they just listed it), and already am loving it from the first day. Skin feels plumped and firmed, - like in the good old days :-)). And I was just complaining that I fly too much and my skin looks so much older for it. This might just become me remedy. Funny enough the small gel tub is actually cheaper per gram then large. £21 to try is really not that bad.

Leanne - Saturday Jun 23rd 2012 10:53pm
Never heard of this brand but will defo give it a try after your review, sounds fab! Thanks for the great review x

Katie - Saturday Jun 23rd 2012 4:12pm
Hi Lisa, would love to hear how you like their product(s) after several week's use! ps Really enjoy reading your blog!

Vik Kovax - Thursday Jun 14th 2012 8:00pm
Did you see the ingredients list? On 4th place petrolatum is in the regenerating night cream, and dimethicone is on the list, then I stopped to read.

Kris - Wednesday Jun 13th 2012 11:28am
Hi Lisa, Just received a response from Astalift regarding collagen source. Apparently, the source is fish skin. This does make more sense than it coming from the algae itself given the structure of algae. However, I do think that they should state the source on the ingredients label as I have read about the use of cadavers as a source of collagen in some other brands. Also, I have just read the comments from Jenny Lee and Linda. I think that they both make very good points. I know that not all of Japan was contaminated after the radioactive leak but it does start to make one think about these things especially when these products come from the sea, that is fish may have been in contaminated water at some point, assuming the source of the fish is from Japan. After all, we protect our skin from UV radiation by the use of SPFs in products. I think it is really good when consumers start to question the source of ingredients in products!

Linda - Wednesday Jun 13th 2012 2:33am
Hi Lisa, First of all, a huge THANK YOU for always taking the time to share your talent and knowledge with us! You are quite the celebrity yourself and to connect with the masses in the way that you do is truly appreciated. I've tried several of the products that you introduced me to (ie: from Dermalogica,Kinara, Clarins...) and I love them all and your tutorials featuring women of different ethnicities are divine! I just read @Jenny Lee's question to you and I hope you get a chance to answer regarding your thoughts on Japanese products being safe to use since I've talked to several women here in the USA who have the same concerns, including myself since I love Shu Uemura and Shiseido skin care products. Do you have any information on this subject?

Jenny Lee - Wednesday Jun 13th 2012 12:32am
Hello Lisa, Always enjoy your post and video. Big fan of you. I have got a question! I realised you seems familar with Japanese cosmetic brand, I used to use SK-2 but after nuclear happened in Japan I didn't buy any of them as I feel scared about that. In my country(South Korea) people tend to avoid the stuff 'made in Japan'. How you think about that? I know some people wouldn't care and still use, but just want to hear from you as you know cosmetics! Thank you.

Dandy Ramos - Tuesday Jun 12th 2012 5:34am
I love Japanese cosmetics! Kanebom Shiseido, Shu Uemura and SK II...I hope this actually works becasuse i'm allergic to some marine products....Thanks Lisa for sharing!

Kaori - Monday Jun 11th 2012 11:30pm
Just wrote a comment, but it's not showing up... Does it have to be approved first? First time placing a comment here...

Lisa Eldridge - Monday Jun 11th 2012 7:10pm
@Kris no not at all! This blog works best when everyone chops in with their ideas and suggestions. Its great when there is a conversation going on. I will try to get an answer for you re the collagen x

Kris - Monday Jun 11th 2012 6:00pm
PAULA - have a look at the Handmade Naturals website! No parabens in any of their products. Hope you don't mind me mentioning this brand, Lisa. I use it and think its fabulous. Their face serum is great for my very dry skin. They do a whole range of products. Take a look! Bourjouis Healthy Mix is great too! I only learned about it from your site. Shade 51 is very close to my pale skin colour without having to pay too much, so was grateful for that advise. I Emailed Astalift about collagen source etc but they never replied!

Mia - Monday Jun 11th 2012 3:52pm
@dontbelievethehype I don't agree that bourjois healthy mix is rubbish! I love it and it works very well for my skin...

Lisa Eldridge - Monday Jun 11th 2012 9:48am
@dontbelievethehype I just wanted to reassure you that I do not receive any money from brands to feature products on this blog. Never have and never will, its just not me. My integrity means everything to me and is worth more than any company would ever be willing to pay! I have been offered a lot of money many times but always refuse ...and will continue to do so. X

Jamie Blair - Monday Jun 11th 2012 7:25am
Hi Lisa! Super excited about trying this line. I've taken Astaxanthin for more than 4 years when I discovered the amazing health benefits it has on skin. Ran a quick search on the net, and so far not seeing it sold in the USA (my location). I think it's fantastic that they have include supplements in their line. And although I'm not Asian, for some reason Asian skin care lines tend to work incredibly well for me.

dontbelievethehype - Sunday Jun 10th 2012 11:14pm
It tickles me when several or more "top" make up artists endorse a product, and we're all supposed to rush out and buy these things?! No one ever tells us that they're being PAYED to advertise their products (not saying you, Lisa) It's always the same things Avon, bourjois (healthy mix)? I could go on.. they're all rubbish. I think that's quite sad when we put our trust in people who make us believe that they're just helping us to make us look better. I'm so bored of hearing of the mac 217 or the mac this or that, too. The far best thing you can do for your skin is: get plenty of sleep, good nutrition, cut out smoking and drinking, and have fun! Stress is the biggest component of poor skin. Nothing reverses the ageing process or prevents spots,either. If that were the case, all the money you spent on beauty products would work and you wouldn't need to use so many (product overload) All this cr*p is overpriced and a pure rip-off. Wake up women and spend your money on things that make you happy. I haven't even had to look at the price, but I bet it's about £80 and you could be slapping it on your face forever more. And no one will EVER tell.. absolute waste of money. I would far prefer to spend this much money on something worthwhile, and charitable, or maybe give it to a homeless person or pdsa who would benefit. No offence, sorry. Just my opinion. And for the record, I bought a 'kit' by Ruby Hammer a while ago and it was absolute rubbish, so I would never believe anything she said when she sells stuff that I used to put on when I was eleven.

shelleykerr83 - Saturday Jun 9th 2012 6:28pm
Hi Lisa, I walked past this product in Selfridges. I meant to go back and check it out but I got side tracked when looking at the Suqqu products! Next time I am in London, I will definitely stop by Selfridges as I love that shop. Also, I tried that phyto 7 hair product in your travel video and love it, it's not sticky nor can it be seen so another item to add to my list x

Paula - Saturday Jun 9th 2012 11:53am
Their website lists ingredients for all the products, and they are unfortunately laden with parabens. Are there skincare lines without harmful ingredients you can recommend?

Rifka - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 11:41pm
I am so very grateful for all of your thoughful skincare advice especially when you explain the actual chemistry behind the ingredients-- it had made a huge difference for me. So...I will add this to the long long list of products not available in the US (together with Suqqu, RMK, and This Works)...if this list gets any longer it might merit a trip to London!! hankyouThankyouThankyou...warmest wishes!

1129cgr - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 8:01pm
I personally find it rude that some people feel that they have the right to dictate what other people blog about. I am very interested in skincare and find it useful and informative to hear about new lines in skincare as there are so many out there. I go by recommendations and reviews as I don't have the time or resources to try out everything out there. Lisa, I appreciate your opinions and respect your talent. Thank you.

Bambi Eyes - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 6:38pm
Lisa!!! Could you do a tutorial on how to recreate Audrey Hepburn's make up BUT from the 50's? Like in Funny Face, Sabrina, Roman Holiday...I think it could be so beautiful. A classic retro look, with the big eyebrows and huge lips! Thank you

Jeanette - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 4:54pm
Does anyone know the day creams from Institute Esthederm? Their sunscreen is fab.

Jeanette - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 4:24pm
Does anyone know the day creams from Institute Esthederm? Their sunscreen is fab.

Nancy - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 2:08pm
Hey Lisa, I am such a big fan of yours! I am from Germany and you are so great, i have learned so much from you! Thank you that you always take the time to explain everything so detailed and informative in your Videos and your Blog! Your Models are always of something beautiful, how great it would be time for your to be my make up, a dream for me :-)! I wanted to ask you what you think from the Brands Kiehl`s or Origins skincare? I am looking for a new justice and I am very unsecure. It must not be Drugstore prices, but also not a high high level :-)! Oh, I`m 31 and I think my Skin is more dehydrated. And since I am Mom of a 6 month old son, my skin now looks even more tired:-). Sorry for the long text and thank you for everything! :-)

Anaïs - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 10:06am
I'm pretty sure that if you were to post to talk about the weather I would be just as enthralled - however, I will probably never get a chance to verify this, as your every post is a precious mine of information. Thank you, Lisa! P.S : I'm wondering what your thoughts are, if any, on South Korean & French brand erborian. I have tried a few of their products with varying degrees of luck and I can't seem to make my mind up.

Jeanette - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 6:57am
Does anyone know the day creams from Institute Esthederm? Their sunscreen is fab.

Reena - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 6:04am
Interesting, better give this one a try.

Joy - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 1:23am
Lisa, even though my skin previously reacted badly to a product with algae I'm very tempted to try this out. That's because your batting average with me is 100%. Many products you like are now my faves! Thank you Lisa! xxx

Sara - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 1:08am
Attention! There's a Liss Eldridge pretending to be you, Lisa... Oh, and guess what? Commenting/Talking about a specific brand. That is insultuous for all of us as fans and consumers.

Jeanette - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 11:03pm
Does anyone know the day creams from Institute Esthederm? Their sunscreen is fab.

Liss Eldridge - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 10:49pm
@Caroline omg I love M Lab... its amazingly effective if you can stomach the price tag! I got my first lot free when I stayed at a particular hotel and then I did re-purchase .... amazing! I've wanted to blog about it many times but am conscious of the sky high prices. I havent used it for a while as its only available on line here now. X

Kharina - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 10:13pm
I've been checking Astralift out - prices are "friendlier" than SK-II! Am interested in the jelly. Naomi Watts looks beautiful and one can only hope that the photoshopping wasn't too effective. ;) Oh,and you rock Lisa. Long may it continue.

Jeanette - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 9:57pm
It sounds very interesting, and I am on the lookout for a rich cream for dry skin. So I may try the nourishing day cream. I have used Biotherm Aquasource biosensitive RICH for many years. It is the only cream I have tried that can sink in and give relief to my dry skin not only on the surface but deep in the skin. But it leaves my face shining for a long time after I apply it, and I wouldn't mind also to have other great alternatives.

Lisa Eldridge - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 9:14pm
@Melanie firstly congratulation on your wedding! Yes I think Laura Mercier would be a good place to take a lesson.. its a great brand with reputable products and I'm sure they will be very good. Have fun X

Méla - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:46pm
Hello Lisa, I am a big fan of your work I watched at least twice each of your videos! They are perfect: informative and full of good advice! Moreover, thanks to your advice on bridal makeup... I did my own make up on the "big day" I'am going to London from July 02 to July 05. I would like to attend a makeup class... with a friend of mine. Could you please advise me ? I wanted to take a course at Urban Retreat at Harrods with Daniel Sandler's team but they don't have any availability. There is still availability for a course at Laura Mercier ... What do you think? Did you ever heard of them? Would you have another address to advise me? ... or if I my dream comes true... do you give lessons? :o) Thank you for your answer! Melanie

Caroline - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:41pm
Hi Lisa. I love hearing about new skincare products especially anti ageing. Have you tried m lab? These products are absolutely amazing especially the anti blemish cleanser, I honestly have not had one spot since using it! They are expensive but deliver results. I absolutely love your site. You are just so gorgeous. I wish you nothing but success always. Big kiss x

Hannah - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:35pm
Hi, wanted to say I love your site and videos. I saw the one on french skincare and wanted to ask if you have tried different japanese brands too and could do a video or post on which japanese brands to check out. I would just like to know, because I'm going to be in Japan in September and would not want to miss the opportunity of trying great skincare :-)

Adelaide - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 7:28pm
Thank you lisa! Cannot wait to see your next videos! :)

Kris - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 6:23pm
Thanks for the reply, Lisa. The antioxidant may come from the algae but as for the collagen and the elastin - are you sure? I have checked on their site and they don't seem to explicitly state the source of these two particular products. It would be great if you could look into this. P.S. The tutorial on foundation for pale skin was so helpful - I was waiting for something like that for ages!

Lisa Eldridge - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 5:01pm
@Kris it is derived from marine algae which gives the jelly it's bright coral/red colour X

Janet - TheMoultonJ YT - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 4:56pm
Great article, thanks. You always inspire me. Janet xOx felinesxhugsx on Twitter

Kris - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 4:45pm
Are these products suitable for vegetarians /vegans? Where does the collagen and elastin come from? Plant, animal or human? Love your site!

Margaret - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 4:23pm
I don`t like about new brand like this,this is not fresh news,everebody know about this brand already.I would like to read about history make up from you,becouse it is exclusiv info from internet.Sorry,Lisa.

shelleykerr83 - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 3:21pm
Hi Lisa, HARRODS have on display the original of Marilyn Monroe's Erno Laszlo skincare, it's borrowed from New York. They only have it for another 2 weeks so try and drop in to see it if you can. I have a picture of it on my phone and I am so proud! I told her about your website and about the 'Marilyn' video x

lizbetza - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 3:16pm
THANKS for the review lisa!!!! waiting for a new video soon !!!!

adlibALH - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 2:43pm
Thanks Lisa for sharing!!!!! How good is the eye cream at reducing dark circles? When will these products come to the US?

me - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 2:31pm
wow, it costs like a good FUJI camera :O

me - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 1:41pm
wow, it costs like a good FUJI camera :O

Kelley - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 12:39pm
thank you for the recommendation Lisa. I love asian brands. Currently I am using a Korean brand Amore Pacific as it is full of antioxidants and is very gentle. It is quite expensive but worth it. You use very little product and the counter representatives are very helpful and always give samples ( probably because they know you will love their products after trying them and be hooked). They have a fabulous treatment enzyme peel, a powder that you add a bit of water to activate,and then massage on your face for about a minute. It leaves your skin baby soft and is so gentle.

Charlotte O; - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 12:18pm
Julie (9:13am), thumbs up for your comment I agree with you 100%. Couldn't have found better words. And Lisa, if you don't stop they'll eventually expose themselves for what they really are...greedy, mediocre con-up oops make-up artists...Lots of love and respect.

Lisa Eldridge - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 12:09pm
@AgirlAstyle Please let me know how you get on Briony x

Lisa Eldridge - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 12:08pm
@Corene I will definitely check that concealer out, thanks x

Lisa Eldridge - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 12:08pm
@Lena Japanese and South Korean skincare has always been light years ahead of the rest. Thanks for your recs too, I may be in the far East later this year for an event and will make a note of your choices x

Judit - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 11:53am
Hi Lisa! Thanks for the news! Sounds really fascinating! I am so much more into skincare ever since I read your posts and watch your videos, my skin improved a lot following your philosophy, even my clients complemented! I improved as a makeup artist as well since I follow your site, so thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and please keep up posting! :)

Corene - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 11:31am
Hi Lisa, Love your videos and blog! Just wanted to say that makeup artist Eve Pearl has astaxanthin in a lot of her products and they are great! She has videos too and it was a pleasure to meet her in LA last year at IMATS! I will give this line a try as well as more Eve Pearl; she has the best concealer ever!

VaniCienta - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 11:09am
FUJIFILM will start to launch Astalift in Europe this year. So please be a little bit patient! We started to introduce it in France, UK, Spain and Germany... the rest of the other EU contries will follow! Enjoy xoxo

A Girl, A Style - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 11:07am
I just got sent this too and have to say I was similarly sceptical about photgraphic technology being applied to skincare, but it does make sense. Am yet to try any of the products but am now looking forward to doing to tonight! Thanks as always Lisa Briony xx

VaniCienta - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 11:04am
Hi Lisa, I am working for FUJIFILM Europe and wants to express my Thank You for writing such a nice post on your blog! Best regards and enjoy with Astalift :-)

Lena - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 10:59am
I'am into Japanese and South Korean skincare. I live in the UK, so always order them. This one sounds promising. I like Asian approach to skincare, 2 steps of cleansing (oil to remove make up, and foaming cleanser to wash the face). Their sheet masks with collagen are also amazing, I am 24, but had some fine lines on my forehead - probably dehydration lines (oily but dehydrated). After I tried collagen masks, and lotions with hylauronic acid, these fine lines completely disapeared!!! Also some excellent enzyme peelings on the market, I personally absolutely love La Neige, which is South Korean luxury skin care - they have amazing youghurt peeling. I became a huge fan of Asian skincare, so thank you for the news, and the price range looks acceptable:) You are as helpful and amazing as usual:)

girl in oslo - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 10:46am
Hi from a sunny Oslo:) I just love your site... Nice work

Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 10:10am
wow, I saw Astalift in a mall here, but never even gave them a second look. I have to go check them out now. I tend to like all your skincare recommendation, have worked out really nicely for my skin. Thank you.

Fleur - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 9:49am
Wow.. unfortunatly they don't sell this in the Netherlands, as well as many, many other fantastic products. Keep up the good work Lisa, we all admire you and we will continue to do so :)

Hanna - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 9:47am
This are fresh news! So nice to hear from other and foreign brands.

Julie - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 9:46am
Sorry for the double comment

Carly - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 9:42am
Fascinating! My background is chemistry so I love hearing about the technology that goes into cosmetics. Defs going to try this myself!

Rosalie - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 9:31am
Sounds really interesting and different. Wonder if it will become available in Holland. Thank you this info and really love your tutorials!

Julie - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 9:23am
Lisa, you are the only one I would miss on YT. I always look forward to new videos from you and watch your videos several times. If i want a certain look I go back and look at your video again. You have been such an inspiration to me - not only in the way of beauty but also as a person and a woman. You are so beautiful, well spoken, talented, professional, cool and just somebody that anyone would want to be around. I am a young lawyer and I find so much inspiration in you for my own lige and carreer. Whatever anyone else is doing it will nerver take away from how amazing you are. And rest assured that it is completely transparent when somebody is copying you - it is obvious and we all know who the original is. I hope you will continue your YT work and not let other people decide for you. Lots of love. Julie x

Thea - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:58am
My auntie who is living in Tokyo has used this jelly since its launch and she raves abt it with my mom and send it to her to try, so far I really see a big different on my mom :D Love Japanese skincare especially drugstore one. Have u tried GOKUJYUN Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion? It's the best selling toner/lotion in Japan and quite interesting concept. I've bene use it for years always keep my skin firm and soft :) xx

Kelly - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:56am
Sounds really interesting and unique. I wonder if they're planning to launch this range in Australia. Thanks for the product info Lisa. Extremely helpful and informative as always!

Tridevi - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:53am
Wow! Lisa Eldridge approves of a brand that is actually available in the strange country that I live in (Bangladesh).

Kristine Takemura - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:48am
Hi Lisa! I live in Tokyo Japanese beauty products are amazing but so many to choose from. I like DHC products and SK-II. Thank you for your post maybe its time I try astalift too. I love your blog and tutorials. Stay blessed and pretty!

Vanessa - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:37am
fantastic post! thank you Lisa!! You are truly amazing!! xoxo

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