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Inspiration - Gallery Update - Thursday - 31/05/12 - 6:46pm

Gallery Update - Edie Campbell as Pattie Boyd for Lula

I absolutely love this shoot I worked on for the current issue of Lula Magazine. The story was based around a set of pictures Pattie Boyd did in the 60's ....a kind of beauty 'How To'. Twiggy also did a similar thing around the same time and both appeared in magazines to help the readers achieve their iconic make-up looks. To see the original pictures and inspiration look at my Pinterest board.

Gorgeous Edie Campbell was just perfect for this shoot. As well as bearing a resemblance to Pattie, her face takes 60's make-up so damn well! Lula has always been one of my favourite magazines as I just love everything about it. Its SO girly and beautiful and if you like Sophia Coppola movies, Kristen Dunst, Karen Elson, pretty flowers, floaty dresses, Americana, cardigans, cool sunglass, ice cream, sunny skies (all having featured at one time or other) and everything in between  ....  I guarantee you'll love it too.

The make-up I used was:

Chanel's Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation and Joues Contrast Blush in Rose Petale. Hourglass Script Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Mac's Fluidline in Blacktrack. Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara in Black. Shu Umura False Eyelashes Top and Bottom sets. Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Rebellion.

To follow Lula on twitter @LulaMag

Photography: Jessie Lily Adams

Styling: Lyson Machessault

Hair: Maarit Nirmela


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Latest Comments 57 | Add Your Comments

Karren - Thursday Jul 19th 2012 5:26am
I love this look! It's exaggerated and pretty at the same time. Hope you can make a tutorial of this and with the tutorial of the hair as well. It's just gorgeous! I've recently discovered your blog and youtube channel and I've been watching all your videos since.

Amanda - Thursday Jul 5th 2012 2:16am
I can't even find the words to describe how much I love this makeup and photo shoot. Perfect.

Suz - Thursday Jun 21st 2012 3:36am
Would be so cool if you could find a George Harrison look alike! Pattie and George were THE couple of the 60s.

Brenna - Tuesday Jun 19th 2012 1:12am
this is incredible. please do a video of this look!!

Margareta Mchensky - Saturday Jun 16th 2012 5:42pm
Soo beautiful!!! I always think that you can be great film director, actress and make up artist in your own film!i will like it a lot!:))I know you have make up tutorial on 60,but this is more intensive and dramatic look,I like it very much too.

nallely - Saturday Jun 16th 2012 9:07am
I love the 60's models they are so elegant and simply beautiful <3 do a video c:

Mary - Thursday Jun 14th 2012 1:27am
I would have given anything to do this. Pattie is one of my biggest female role models. I recreate pictures of her all the time. Can I like, trade places with this girl? PLEASE?!

claire - Wednesday Jun 13th 2012 5:44pm
I agree, I would absolutely love a tutorial on this look please! She looks absolutely gorgeous!

Sunniva - Tuesday Jun 12th 2012 1:42am
I would love it if you could do this as a tutorial! Thanks xx

Susan McBride - Thursday Jun 7th 2012 11:23pm
Jean Shrimpton

Bambi Eyes - Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 10:11am
So beautiful Lisa!!! I love it! Could you do a tutorial on how to recreate Audrey Hepburn's make up BUT from the 50's. Like in Funny Face, Sabrina, Roman Holiday...I think it could be so beautiful. A classic retro look, with the big eyebrows and huge lips! Thank you!

Felicity - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:36pm
Ahhh! I absolutely love Pattie Boyd! I drew her for my art project and Edie campbell is amazing too! This is just too cool!

Aretha - Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 8:34am
Dear Lisa, specifically which lashes from Shu Uemura did you use for the look? =)

Myra - Monday Jun 4th 2012 5:32pm
Lisa, you are such an inspiration! I know this just sounds like another nice comment, but I do thoroughly appreciate your make up philosophy and you are so extremely knowledgable! Please please please don't stop making videos! You are so refreshing to watch! Xx

Carly - Monday Jun 4th 2012 1:01pm
I love this! Incredible again, thank you Lisa for always sharing your work. X

Jeanette - Monday Jun 4th 2012 9:07am
Do you have pictures of someone with light green eyes that you made up?

Reena - Monday Jun 4th 2012 6:43am
Complete package is gorgeous, I love the whole 60's look. I hope there will be a tutorial for this =)

patricia - Sunday Jun 3rd 2012 10:24pm
amazing! i hope you will show us how to do this look soon! :)

Laura - Sunday Jun 3rd 2012 2:19pm
I Love this, and everything to do with the 60's! Thank you for bringing Lula mag to my attention too, that is right up my street so have just ordered a copy! x

niki - Saturday Jun 2nd 2012 10:38pm
She is perfect!Lisa, please do a video!It´s wonderfull to see you work with brushes :) The photos are really great!

tatiana - Saturday Jun 2nd 2012 2:41pm
beautiful work as usual! love it and love you! and i want to wear this lashes!!!! i never uses botton lashes cause i think it's too much for real life, but here it's so beautiful... what's your opinion lisa?

Bella - Saturday Jun 2nd 2012 9:32am
Dear Lisa, I love your work. And I love make-up, it helps me so much in my life. I do have a bright red wine birth mark on the entire right side of my face. No make-up covers it complitely (not Vichy Dermablend), but Shiseido Sun Protective Liquid Fundation (you sure know) makes a good job without the mask efect. I am 37 years old, a wife, mother and a judge. Do you have any advices for my problem? Which products to use, how to reduce redness, which colours to chose for my dark brown eyes not to make the redness of the mark to step out? Thanks God for make-up, for someone of us is a life saver. A lovely day to all of you! Bella from EU

Clarisse - Saturday Jun 2nd 2012 4:07am
Lisa, it's wonderful!!!! I love the 60's and Pattie is a icon!!! PLEASE do a tutorial on this look! Please!!! Thanks!

Billie - Saturday Jun 2nd 2012 3:38am
Would love love love to know which Shu lashes (and any tips!) you used (on top & bottom) - the makeup you did here is so beautiful, I want to try the look myself!

kim - Friday Jun 1st 2012 2:30pm
love it!!

M - Friday Jun 1st 2012 12:25pm
Please do a video of this! I wear a similar look (minus the falsies) myself daily (yeah, I'm committed to my look!) and I'm always wanting to know if there are ways I could improve it.

kooki - Friday Jun 1st 2012 7:10am

tita - Friday Jun 1st 2012 3:26am
Good god, edie looks exactly like pattie. almost as if pattie "reincarnated" as edie. I've always loved edie, cause she got that amazingly authentic 60's look about her, even her name screams 60's.

siboney2046 - Friday Jun 1st 2012 1:13am
You have a Pinterest board and I don't know it!! OMG!! Love, Siboney

Natasha - Thursday May 31st 2012 10:50pm
This is amazing! She really looks like Patti! The third photo even reminds me of Edie Sedgwick's iconic makeup look! Can we get a tutorial for this? Such a great era!

mariël - Thursday May 31st 2012 9:36pm
she looks a lot like Pattie Boyd!!

Nikita - Thursday May 31st 2012 9:23pm
Yay! You're on Pinterest! LOVE these shots! So pretty and feminine. Gorgeous xxx

Acia - Thursday May 31st 2012 9:17pm
Gorgeous ! I love it.

Ivi - Thursday May 31st 2012 8:47pm
I love's wonderful!!! And the model is exceptionally pretty ...congratulations one more time !!!

Lula - Thursday May 31st 2012 8:29pm
beautiful make up, you're an artist.

Noor - Thursday May 31st 2012 8:16pm
yeah Lisa, I agree with Anna's question. Because I really love b&w photography. Is there any particular do's and don't s for this? Thanks Lisa.. You really are inspiring!

Lisa Eldridge - Thursday May 31st 2012 8:11pm
@Anna you do have to take the fact that its black and white in to consideration yes x @Adela thank you, i think youre right... i do LOVE everything to do with that decade x

Noor - Thursday May 31st 2012 8:07pm
yeah Lisa, I agree with Anna's question. Because I really love b&w photography. Is there any particular do's and don't s for this? Thanks Lisa.. You really are inspiring!

Adéla - Thursday May 31st 2012 8:00pm
I still think, Lisa, that you were born just in the wrong period :)) cos you so can do the 60's, which are even better than the real ones :D great job, as usual!!!

Anna - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:58pm
Is make up different for black and white photography ?

Minnie - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:57pm
I love sixties make up. Thank you for sharing Lisa -

Lisa Eldridge - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:41pm
@Phillipa haha brilliant! thanks : )

Philippa - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:39pm
Lisa, Lula, Edie and Pattie - girl heaven

Bipod bee - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:36pm
Wow Lisa wow - will def check out lula mag

Marcia - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:35pm
aggggh I think I could become obsessed with these pictures, I need to get a copy of the magazine... like NOW

Carola Svedberg - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:35pm
Utterly Amazing Lisa !!!!

Bipod bee - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:34pm
Wow Lisa wow - will def check out lula mag

Silvia NY - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:29pm
This is genius, I LOVE IT!!! Gorgeous make-up!

Leo - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:27pm
I love it Lisa way too much, tutorial maybe? Oh I LOVE it.

Laura - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:24pm
THIS IS AMAZING. I love the sixties so much and this make up is PERFECTION. Congratulations Lisa, you are the very best.

laurena - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:23pm
you should do a video! i love this time of makeup!

ayuni - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:11pm
I adore Pattie and Im in love w this editorial! Lovely!

Ewa - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:11pm
Lisa... you are simply the best! I can't describe how much i respect You, for your work and how much i love to have the opportunity to learn from You! Greetings and lots of love from Poland ! Ewa x

Jo - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:10pm
Patti Boyd was one of my beauty icons as a child. I remember that color photo of her you have on your board on the back glossy side of a "16" magazine. Loved all my Yardley girls too!!!Great job!

Carolyn - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:04pm
Brilliant work as always, Lisa!! Will there be a make-up tutorial for this?

Aguss - Thursday May 31st 2012 7:03pm
Oh my...her lower lashes are totally perfect and stunning. Is this magic? ;)

Aida - Thursday May 31st 2012 6:50pm
I love it!

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