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Gallery Update - Tuesday - 08/05/12 - 3:31pm

Gallery Update - Eva Green

I recently did a cover shoot for InStyle (and these pictures for inside) with actress Eva Green. The shoot was part of the publicity for Eva's new movie, Tim Burton's Dark Shadows - which I'm dying to see her in. Dark Shadows is based on the cult, gothic TV soap opera of the same name which aired between 1966-71 and promises to be a must-see for all Burton fans.

Eva naturally has a great look, with beautiful pale skin and piercing blue eyes so I focused the intensity of the make-up on her eyes and kept her skin and lips very natural.

Skin - Chanels Vitalumiere Aqua in No.10 and Lancomes Eclat Miracle

Eyes - Mac Paintpots 'Black black' and 'Blackground', Dior 5 Coleurs in 'Gris Gris' and Max Factors False Lash Effect Mascara in Black.

Cheeks - Chanel Sable Rose Palette to contour and blush

Brows - Suqqu Brow Palette in 01

Lips - L’Occitane Moisturising Lip Balm with No7 Lip Pencil in Nude buffed over the top 

Photographer - Rankin

Hair - Sebastian Richard

Nails - Andrea Fullerton

To read Eva's full interview see the June issue of InStyle UK.

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Latest Comments 110 | Add Your Comments

MZ - Tuesday Nov 6th 2012 3:44pm
Beautiful make up.

Swann - Friday Nov 2nd 2012 11:25pm
This is very interesting to me as I have eyes this shape. I will try this look.

CW - Wednesday Oct 17th 2012 7:59am
This is gorgeous! Please do a tutorial for this if you have time-- like Eva Green, I have eyes that show very little lid when they are open, and it's really hard to know what to do with them as most makeup looks seem to capitalise on the contrast between lid, crease, and browbone.

Emily - Thursday Oct 11th 2012 7:43am
I love that her freckles are still visible :)

Caecilie - Tuesday Oct 9th 2012 8:16am
Dear Lisa, gorgeous look you did on Eva Green!! I would love if you did a tutorial on this look, for hooded eyes with low eyebrows. Thanks for your great inspiration, I adore your work! You are a true artist!! xoxo

ina - Tuesday Oct 2nd 2012 10:53pm
EVA GREEN she looks so great with pale skin!!!!

Nicky - Monday Oct 1st 2012 3:14pm
That's such an amazing look :) I particularly like the way you've applied the blusher as it looks very natural and fresh. I have a couple of really beautiful blushers in my make-up box; one from Chanel and one from Guerlain. They're both dusky rose colours but I'm hopeless at applying them. I'm hoping that with a few more tips from your videos I might make better use of them!

Karen - Tuesday Aug 14th 2012 8:25pm
RE: Butter London. In the US, try the family of websites including I just ordered cat food, (from and two of Lisa's favorite products: Revlon Matte lipstick in Strawberry Suede (from and Nuxe lipbalm (from All will come tomorrow (next day shipping) for free. Whoo!!! Beauty Bar carries Butter. And adding my vote for the tutorial. I don't thing there is a video already that shows that eye look. So I'm not sure how to duplicate.

Rosa Maria - Friday Aug 10th 2012 1:39pm
Dear Lisa. I admire your work very much. I am sure you can make every woman look beautiful...It's amazing what you do. I love your videos very much; since I discover them I see you every day and learn a lot,God bless you for that, your videos are really the best, please don't stop to make them!!!I have a lot of questions about make up.... Regards from South America Perú.

Linda Abrahams - Sunday Aug 5th 2012 9:24pm
Just love what you have done here. Strong but natural (is that an oxymoron?) Anyway, Lisa PLEASE can you do a video on two points? MINERAL POWDERED MAKEUP, AND KOHL EYE PENCILS. The correct way to use both and how to get the longest wear out of both. Want to know what you also think of both of these items.

Meghan - Tuesday Jul 17th 2012 1:12am
Could you do a tutorial on this look?Please :)

Nevin - Tuesday Jun 26th 2012 1:12pm
Hi, I loved the look and Eva Green is gorgeous-as always- :) I have a question. I have dark brown eyes and black hair with a cold undertone skin. I want to try this look but using black colors seems too dramatic and not a daily look. What color of pencil-eyes shadow would you suggest me?

Aisling - Monday Jun 25th 2012 10:08am
She is so gorgeous, and so is her makeup xox

Joy - Saturday Jun 23rd 2012 4:58am
This is amazing! Could you do a tutorial on makeup on freckled skin (what to cover/how to decide what darker areas to cover?) thank you!!

sylvia - Saturday Jun 16th 2012 1:48pm
Can you please do a video on her look :)

Celia - Wednesday Jun 13th 2012 12:42am
Dear Lisa, please do a video on this look!!

Celia - Wednesday Jun 13th 2012 12:41am
Dear Lisa, please do a video on this look!!

Emilia - Tuesday May 29th 2012 8:05am
Gosh! Eva Green is bloody beautiful!

Winona - Friday May 25th 2012 9:44am
Hi Lisa! Wow, Eva looks incredible! I'm dying to see a tutorial of how you achieved this look!

Katherine - Tuesday May 22nd 2012 5:55am
Hi Lisa, thank you sharing your amazing talent with us. Eva Green is an exquisitely talented actress. Can you do a tutorial of her iconic sultry make up? Thank you so much!

Leah :D - Monday May 21st 2012 4:20am
You made Eva Green look even more interesting and just too awesome!!! :D Lisa you are truly amazing!!!

Grace - Monday May 21st 2012 2:43am
Can we see a tutorial on her look?

SarahJane - Saturday May 19th 2012 9:49pm
I remember talking to you on twitter , and asking if you could do a video of this look . I subscribe to In Style and I loved this sophisticated look , it suits her and to me its great to see her freckles coming though . Great work xxx

Deana - Friday May 18th 2012 1:34pm
beautiful! please do a tutorial of this look!

Helen - Thursday May 17th 2012 10:24pm
Is there a spring/summer trend with messy black liner and colour around? A bit like this one here but more wet/glossy? Any chance of a tutorial or some ideas?

romina - Thursday May 17th 2012 5:07pm
Dear Lisa do the turorial on this look please!

Mariella - Thursday May 17th 2012 1:25pm
I bought the magazine in London not knowing you had done the makeup and Eva looks so stunning! I really enjoyed her pics and her interview. Will you please do a tutorial of this look? Thanks!

Heidi - Wednesday May 16th 2012 11:28pm
Eva is very beautiful!!! Very lovely make up!! I love your work Lisa!!

zizi - Wednesday May 16th 2012 2:19am
Lisa please do a video with tips for hooded eyes! Beautyfull make up! As usual!

NeenaJ - Tuesday May 15th 2012 8:46pm
I need a tutorial for that blush/contour! Amazing!!

Astrid - Tuesday May 15th 2012 5:28pm
Hi lisa! You did a very great job! Love it! How do you get the perfect match of foundation with her freckles? This is one of my most difficult things to do when I'm looking for new you take the skin colour "between" the freckles or some inbetween freckles and normal skin tone? kisses

Bridget - Tuesday May 15th 2012 12:07pm
Stunning! You're amazing Lisa!!! Please please do a tutorial for this look!!! :D

elisa - Tuesday May 15th 2012 10:22am
Dear Lisa, can you make a tutorial for the makeup you made on Eva! It's perfect, so chic and elegant! thanks a lot:)

emily Miller - Tuesday May 15th 2012 3:48am
it's all in the eyebrows.. love those eyebrows

Jeanette - Monday May 14th 2012 11:39pm
Youtube comments functionality doesn't work, so I'd post here instead of with your Nailpolish video: Butter LONDON doesn't ship to other countries than US and UK, so the link to Butter LONDON on Lisa's website cannot be used to order from for many of us. ship all other brands out of the country, but not Butter LONDON, and companies on Amazon don't ship that brand internationally either (to Denmark at least). BUT I have now found a UK based company that ships Butter LONDON internationally: I have ordered som BL polishes, and they are registered as shipped today :-)

B - Monday May 14th 2012 10:39pm
Please do a tutorial of her makeup

Monica - Monday May 14th 2012 7:29pm
all I can comment about is that your work is stunning outstanding I have never seen such beautiful work come to live! keep it up many success to you always like my mom says anyone that has a talent with their hands they shall have a talent and success many blessings you rock! x Monica

Roxie - Monday May 14th 2012 4:12pm
You are so amazing Lisa!! Eva's skin look so natural and beautiful

Jane - Monday May 14th 2012 3:10pm
ahhhh eva is amazing! please do a tutorial on this!

Maura - Monday May 14th 2012 3:10pm
Oh wow I love this so much! Please do a tutorial on this look Lisa!

adlibALH - Monday May 14th 2012 5:23am
Perfection! Tutorials please!!!!! Lisa: you are simply the best!

Nic - Sunday May 13th 2012 9:24pm
This is perfection!! Could you please do this as a tutorial with a model with freckles?

Sasha - Sunday May 13th 2012 4:09pm
Love it! please do a tutorial on this look Lisa!

Stephanie - Sunday May 13th 2012 4:07pm
Please do a tutorial on this Lisa! I have a similar look to Eva's (pale skin, black hair, light eyes, freckles and hooded eye lids) and I would love to know how to create this look! Eva's also my favourite actress and you, my favourite make-up artist :)

Aimee - Sunday May 13th 2012 12:55pm
Amazing look, I would love to see tutorial on it! I am pale with dark hair too and I know how difficult is to do darker make up without vampire's effect. Lisa, you are so incredibly talented!

albergine - Sunday May 13th 2012 5:13am
I've never noticed her freckles before - gorgeous! x

Anna - Saturday May 12th 2012 4:45pm
Eva is my favorite actress, and favorite celebrity. She radiates mystery and seems like a kind, intelligent person. You are so lucky to have worked with her, and she is just as lucky to have worked with you, Lisa. You did a wonderful job enhancing her beauty.

Mojvy - Saturday May 12th 2012 3:24pm
Wow, this is great

Beth - Saturday May 12th 2012 1:55am
I think Eva Green is just incredibly stunning which was undoubtedly enhance by your work Lisa!

Jeanette - Friday May 11th 2012 3:20pm
Do you have any new nail polish crushes?

Elisa - Friday May 11th 2012 3:16pm
Lisa, great work, as ususal. Please, show us how to do that in such hooded eyes. Thank you, this blog is perfection!

TheAlie90 - Friday May 11th 2012 3:11pm
I would also really like a tutorial on how to make hooded eyes look as stunning ad Greens.

cd - Friday May 11th 2012 2:03pm
gorgeous make up....please do the tutorial..luv it <3

hannah - Friday May 11th 2012 11:36am
Fantastic make-up! Yes, please do a tutorial! Because my eyes are hooded too, and same cool colours, and I am not sure what to emphesis when doing smokye eyes. thanks.

Nicola - Friday May 11th 2012 11:32am
Very rarely comment on posts but PLEASE do a tutorial on this look!! I love Eva Green's look :o)

Lenita - Friday May 11th 2012 8:44am
I've never noticed her brow shape until today, it's quite interesting without a defined arch. Reminds me of the favored shape of Korean women.

Michelle Brown - Friday May 11th 2012 6:40am
Eva's just stunning, and you definitely did her justice! She rocks smokey eyes like no one else does, in my opinion. Smokey eyes are just garish on me.

Judit - Thursday May 10th 2012 8:57pm
Hi Lisa, beautiful work yet again! Thanks for sharing! Eva has quite a hooded eye, I wondered if you could share some tips and tricks in a video on this eyeshape! Thanks!

Suzanne - Thursday May 10th 2012 8:47pm
I love the dark eye and 'pulled together' look, yet it still looks natural somehow - Genius! Please do a Youtube tutorial on this, it would be really interesting to see how you achieved it! x

Ruth - Thursday May 10th 2012 7:02pm
Lisa - I've been refreshing my makeup and skincare knowledge thanks to your videos! Thanks so much. Would you be able to do a video on using different eyebrow colours And how to match with a smokey eye or a bright lip or a natural face? I'm experimenting with the suqqu pen you recommended and it looks quite different (more natural) than powder. Thanks!!

Roos - Thursday May 10th 2012 5:35pm
@Mathilda from Sweden: Lisa has a "organic/natural make-up look" tutorial. And here's a link to an article about mineral make up by Kevin James Bennett.

Stephanie Alison - Thursday May 10th 2012 4:52pm
I adore Eva. It's funny because as soon as I saw she was on the cover I immediately checked your website to see if it was you who did the make-up! I am so delighted that it was because I love the look! Please do a video on this, would love to know how to achieve something similar! :)

Bluebell - Thursday May 10th 2012 4:22pm
Oh please could you do a video on this look! It is absolutely fabulous! x

Branwen - Thursday May 10th 2012 2:34pm
I love it!! can you do a tutorial on youtube for it?? xx I love It!!!!!!!!!!!

Netty - Thursday May 10th 2012 9:40am
Thank you for your help lisa :)

Mathilda from Sweden - Thursday May 10th 2012 9:23am
hi! a 18 year old girl here from sweden that just love your videos! but i just cant help noticing that you don't have any video when you do or talk about mineral make up, or have i missed one? anyhow, i would love(!!!) if you could do a makeup using mineral makeup, at least foundation. as we say in sweden, tack på förhand! /Mathilda

misspeony - Thursday May 10th 2012 5:28am
Amazing look on Eva. Very natural from day to night look. misspeony

aponystales - Thursday May 10th 2012 5:14am
there´s no doubt that every single look you create is nothing but beautiful...and if you have someone like´s like WOW.

Nja - Thursday May 10th 2012 2:30am
Fab makeup lisa as aslways :-)x

Sarah Cunningham - Wednesday May 9th 2012 9:20pm
Your soooo talented! Such beautiful work. Sarah.x

shelleykerr83 - Wednesday May 9th 2012 8:12pm
Hi Lisa, You did a great job. Eva is beautiful. I love her pale skin and dark hair, very chic. A tutorial would be great please!

Rola - Wednesday May 9th 2012 7:08pm
She is one of the most beautiful actresses around. I often see her with smokey eye looks and it always work for her.

Mary - Wednesday May 9th 2012 5:48pm
Great job, Lisa! I have the same eye shape and sometimes I find it difficult to make a make-up that flatters my eyes. Please make a tutorial for this look, it would help a lot girls with this eye shape ;)

Adriana - Wednesday May 9th 2012 4:15pm
PLEASE do a tutorial!

Anna - Wednesday May 9th 2012 12:35pm
Her eyes are big but somehow hooded and droopy? Am I wrong? I think we have the same eye shape so this look helps me a lot! It is beautiful!

Renee | Beauty Fool - Wednesday May 9th 2012 6:48am
I've always loved Eva Green, she has such a mysterious beauty about her. Love it! xx Renee

Mariana - Wednesday May 9th 2012 2:36am
Amazin make up! Love it!

Sophie_Lin - Wednesday May 9th 2012 1:01am
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh my GOD! It's Eva Green. She's my goddess and I LOVE her so much! Love the makeup as well. GORGEOUS!

irem - Wednesday May 9th 2012 12:27am
She looks amazing! Would love it if you could make a tutorial on this look !! kisses

Lisa Eldridge - Tuesday May 8th 2012 11:54pm
@Netty match up your foundation to the skin in between the freckles if that makes sense.... if that feels too pale then split the difference but dont match to the freckles or your skin will get too warm and could look muddy. Apply a nice sheer foundation and blend well so freckles still show but skin tone is evened out x

Joan - Tuesday May 8th 2012 11:38pm
Are you and Eva friends? It's funny because you both sound alike and have the same mannerisms! I adore her and she is my favorite actress please do a tutorial of her makeup!!!

Netty - Tuesday May 8th 2012 10:03pm
Hurray...similiar colouring to my own. She looks perfect. A quick does one even out pale skin without losing the true colour of one's freckles? Sometimes the contrast in colour between skin and freckles can be difficult to deal with esp when trying to cover blue veins and redness on thin celtic skin with deep brown freckles!

<3Lisa - Tuesday May 8th 2012 9:36pm
Eva is so captivating! Her eyes really are something else, right? P.S. It would be great if you did a tutorial on this ;)

Lina - Tuesday May 8th 2012 8:54pm
Super make up, I love it!

Angela - Tuesday May 8th 2012 8:47pm
Eva is just beautiful. I can't believe that in the interview (or so I read), she says she feels like an 'ugly duckling', it's absurd! I love how effortless her make-up always looks. Definitely one of my girl crushes.

Kate - Tuesday May 8th 2012 8:31pm
I have the same sad and kinda sleepy eye shape and I'm proud of it! Eva is absolutely gorgeus, fantastic work - best wishes for you, Lisa!

Luz - Tuesday May 8th 2012 8:26pm
beautyfull! ¿tutorial?

Kate - Tuesday May 8th 2012 8:23pm
I have the same sad and kinda sleepy eye shape and I'm proud of it! Eva is absolutely gorgeus, fantastic work - best wishes for you, Lisa!

Fanny Julie - Tuesday May 8th 2012 7:37pm
Hi Lisa ! I hope you going to review the Chanel Sable Rose bronzer soon ! I was expecting use it as a coutouring but i have heard we cannot cause the shimmering particules... What do you think ? Love your talent, Fanny

siboney2046 - Tuesday May 8th 2012 6:22pm
I'm totally enchanted by her beauty!

Marinche - Tuesday May 8th 2012 6:14pm
Awesome as usual!!!!!

Anaïs - Tuesday May 8th 2012 6:05pm
What you did with contouring and blush there is just...fascinating! Especially with the freckles showing. I suppose sometimes with very pale skin there's an instant temptation to go for a white swan kind of look and just opt for a porcelain complexion, whether that reflects the person's actual skin or not? At least, I seem to see a lot of that all over magazines :). But here Eva Green looks both pale and absolutely healthy. I love how you made that possible!

Elza - Tuesday May 8th 2012 5:35pm
Really beautiful! Could you make a tutorial of this?

Kelley - Tuesday May 8th 2012 5:17pm
Wow, really pretty! She has gorgeous eyes and this make up really makes them pop. Tutorial-yes please!

Elysse - Tuesday May 8th 2012 5:05pm
I bought it as soon as I saw her on the cover and was very pleased to find out you did the make up! She's most definitely my girlcrush! Tutorial please! :D

Inkasrain - Tuesday May 8th 2012 5:00pm
I love how you can see her freckles !

Katy - Tuesday May 8th 2012 5:00pm
Her eyes are naturally really odd, but you made it much better with make-up. her other features are nice.

Elizabeth - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:59pm
I saw these photos a few days ago (before I knew you did the makeup). While gorgeous as always, the thing that stands out for me are the eyebrows. Are they brushed down, or is that her natural shape?

Les dessous de Marine - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:57pm
How lucky you are to work with her !

ayshe - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:51pm
oh i like this!can u make a tutorial??

Nish - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:44pm
The most beautiful woman that ever exists. Her feature is definitely work of art.

Jess - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:42pm
Do this tutorial!! its gorgeous!

Carol Costa - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:42pm
I love it LISA!!!!!! I want so much to learn this make up!! Kisses from Brazil!

Eleanor - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:36pm
Really lovely makeup. I especially like the eyes. I would love to see a tutorial of how to do a more every-day version of this look.

Isabelle - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:36pm
Oh she is so so so pretty! Her beauty is so outgoing, full-on yet still kind of effortless! She can pull off so many looks! This is so great! Thanks for sharing Lisa!

Elisa - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:31pm
I love the work you did with her skin. So natural and chic.

Anne - Tuesday May 8th 2012 4:16pm
She's so beautiful !! And she's french ;D

Treeeesa - Tuesday May 8th 2012 3:59pm
I just bought InStyle a couple of days ago and LOVE Eva Green's look in it. Her face looks so natural especially with the freckles showing on the skin. How do you achieve this?

Juliana - Tuesday May 8th 2012 3:46pm
Beautiful make up as always Lisa!! Love it! kisses

Cristiana - Tuesday May 8th 2012 3:46pm
She is very mysterious already, perfect for the role. And the makeup just make her more intense.

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