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Gallery Update - Saturday - 21/04/12 - 12:44pm

Gallery Update - Lara Stone

Two completely different and incomparable looks I created on supermodel, and modern day icon, Lara Stone for this months Turkish Vogue. One natural the other very 1980's, inspired by illustrator Patrick Nagel's work. I love the transformative power of hair and make-up and I think having these two stories in the same issue illustrates it perfectly. What do you think?

The full set of pictures appear in this months Turkish Vogue

Photographer - Cuneyt Akeroglu

Fashion Editor - Grace Gobb

Hair - Ken O'Rouke

Nail - Trish Lomax

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Latest Comments 86 | Add Your Comments

ina - Tuesday Oct 2nd 2012 11:06pm
HELLO LISA!!! YOU ARE THE BEST MAKE UP ARTIST!!!!CAN YOU please give some advise for deep set eyes!!!

Rose - Saturday Aug 11th 2012 12:03pm
Lisa, loved the Marilyn tutorial,can you do a tutorial on looks from different decades and the inspirations. Love Rita Hayworth andrecently looked at her looks from the 40's-70's, she had a makeup artist as a long time friend, like Marilyn!

Barbara - Tuesday Jun 19th 2012 9:09pm
Lovin both looks!Really amazing! Make tuts for them pls. Btw : you're very talented and inspiring as well. Great jobs, thx for letting us behind the scenes of your work :):*

Tracey - Monday Jun 11th 2012 9:23pm
Please please Lisa could you list all the products you used on Lara in the natural photos, or even better, a tutorial, love it!!! X

Monica - Monday May 14th 2012 7:19pm
I love the natural look but I am 36 have pigmentation a little bit of rosacea and still dealing with the acne I want to know if I have to use powders I just feel that they clog my pores more and also with me being so oily everything seems to change on my skin so should I stick to a pinky blush or peachy please advice I love LARA and I admire your work I wish you many more success to come blessings thanks for sharing your vision and talent much love

Shery - Thursday May 10th 2012 2:16pm
The makeup in the first 2 pictures looks so fresh and perfect! Just amazing! P.S Lisa, I have a problem with my foundation - it can't last longer than 4 hours. (I use Bourjois Healthy mix which has a perfect colour for my pale skin). I tried different bases, powders, foundations, but nothing helps! I'm 16 and have a sensitive, combination to dry skin with some acne. Is there anything I can do? Please help!

melanie callen - Wednesday May 2nd 2012 7:29am
please tell us what makeup you used for the beautiful pale look on Laura!!!?!!? LOVE it! thanks

Natasha - Tuesday May 1st 2012 9:18pm
this is amazing, how very different it makes Lara look too. x

k. - Monday Apr 30th 2012 9:25pm
please please let me know what you used on lara for the pale/nude look, everything is so lovely!

dm - Monday Apr 30th 2012 4:22pm
love the make up..but i dont get why this model is so famous.

Clare - Monday Apr 30th 2012 1:19pm
Lovely work, I am not usually a fan of Lara Stone but these looks really make her face interesting. Lovely work from dear Ken, especially the dark wig, glad he is going strong, he is one of my favourite people from back in my fashion days. - Monday Apr 30th 2012 1:16pm
Like always everything is PERFECTION! Lisa please please please can you do a tutorial on the second photo!!! It is stunning!!!! Thank you!!!!

Lacey Abigail Solane - Sunday Apr 29th 2012 10:32am
Can you make a tutorial on the first natural look? I feel like it is different from the other natural makeup tutorials you've made, am I right?

Maggie - Thursday Apr 26th 2012 9:32pm
I love the pale pink lips look on pic #2. Could you do a tutorial on it?

Martha - Tuesday Apr 24th 2012 7:38pm
The one time I have ever been to England I saw her and David Walliams walking arm and arm near the London Eye. People say celebrities never look that good in real life, I promise you she totally does. It's crazy.

Lisa Eldridge - Monday Apr 23rd 2012 10:46pm
@Esther Holden she is SO like Sheena Easton here I agree ... "she's go the look!" x

mad - Monday Apr 23rd 2012 6:03pm
it'a amazing how a single person could looks like two....magic make up

Esther Holden (fFb Fingertips) - Monday Apr 23rd 2012 2:28pm
Love the makup for the Vogue Turkey, Lara looks like Sheena Easton in these pictures!!

Samiha - Monday Apr 23rd 2012 6:36am
my comment didnt show up! anyway, awesome looks! how'd u create the red lips?

Elissa - Monday Apr 23rd 2012 1:21am
lovelovelove! makeup look on the second one please and more making it in makeup! have a wonderful day :)

Sharon - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 8:29pm
Beautiful work, Lisa-Lara is such a unique looking girl, she's definitely one of my current favorite models. Love the 80's inspired looks...very much like Patrick Nagel's illustrations and the work of Way Bandy as well. Fun!

shelleykerr83 - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 7:28pm
Lisa, Lara is so beautiful! Love all the pictures, it's hard to pick just one.. I'm guessing from your hol pics you love MURAD skincare. I have just discovered MURAD skincare on STRAWBERRYNET so I ordered the Renewing Cleanser (£23 with discount). You do have to pay customs but apparently, according to their website you can claim it back x

Bayla - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 4:18pm
you got to love those dutch girls, they are pretty!!

Dalia - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 2:45pm
So oooooooooooooo beautiful i love the second photo ples. Make it as video

Eve - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 2:43pm
Lara is beautiful, I love both looks, but the first one is my favourite,I really would love to see a video on it xx

Eve - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 2:43pm
Lara is beautiful, I love both looks, but the first one is my favourite,I really would love to see a video on it xx

Dalia - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 2:42pm
So oooooooooooooo beautiful i love the second photo ples. Make it as video

siboney2046 - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 1:15pm
Amazing! I've already seen this photos but I didn't kenw you realized that make up! Wonderful!

Trine - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 7:21am
Gorgeous. I especially like the natural look :-)

Melissa - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 5:35am
so gorgeous!

Carly - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 5:15am
Just magnificent! I like both equally, because they contrast so well. Strong and powerful v.s. delicate and soft.

Showorchid72 - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 4:06am
Love the second picture.It would be really nice if you could do a tutorial on how you achieved this look.Love the shade of lipstick.

mariya - Sunday Apr 22nd 2012 2:22am
love the 80s look! tutorial please??

Christy - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 9:25pm
Loving the second picture! Talk about perfect for a wedding in Spring or Summer! Beautiful work, Lisa!

Eve - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 9:10pm
Lara is beautiful, I love both looks, but the first one is my favourite,I really would love to see a video on it xx

babib - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 7:34pm
I don't know what it is about her, but I think she is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. She looks like a doll made of finest porcelain, even in this strong, 80s makeup. Great job, Lisa! You're the best!

Camille - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 7:10pm
call me crazy but the nude make up (as your previous work with the turkish vogue) makes me think of the faces of the women painted by de Vinci (no eyebrows, the shadow under the eyes,the beautiful ethereal beige skin. Have a look at La sainte Anne, La Belle ferronnière, La Dame à l'hermine...). As always your work seems so easily perfect and beautiful. Please excuse my english and have a bonne soirée.

Romina - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 6:54pm

Saturday Apr 21st 2012 6:30pm

Saturday Apr 21st 2012 5:57pm
love it!!!

Marina - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 5:44pm
The second image is just stunning! x

nicholas - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 5:03pm
I love this!

Noor - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 4:12pm
Hi Lisa, both looks are amazing. A tutorial perhaps on the 1980s look? And what brand do you use to dye the eyebrows? I know a vblogger use Sally Hensen one. What do you recommend? Thanks Lisa! Love your work!

Josie - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 3:56pm
Wow, I love love LOVE the 80ties Look. Absolutely Fabulous! Could you please do a tutorial on that one. I especially love the contrast with the rusty blouse and the cool coloured make up.

Saturday Apr 21st 2012 3:48pm
i love the 80s look. i remember my mother and her friends looking like that. such a wonderful memory!!

nar - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 3:41pm

Marta - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 3:31pm
I just love the first one! the eyes look just naturally black and defined, the lashes are amazing! Could you do a tutorial on this one ? Thanx, a HUUUGE fan xx

Kate - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:58pm
Hi lisa... Both of looks are amazing... Can you make a tutorial on the first one? Thank's

Dimitris Mentes - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:38pm
Looks amazing! I love this cover of Turkish Vogue. Lara's skin looks amazing but so natural and not at all photoshopped! Plus, the makeup is very understated but supports the whole clean and serene feel greatly!

Nina - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:34pm

Maria Av - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:30pm
This is so beautiful!!such a contrast! Lisa you are amazing!!! I love your work!! I came to the UK recenty and I got May's Elle issue!!! your column on pastels!!!<3 there's one thing I can was too short..I would easily enjoy another three at least pages!! I also found the makeup you did on model Ilva very interesting!!you're an inspiration!! x x x

Alexia - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:22pm
Both looks are great, but the natural one is the one I'd like to reproduce !

Maky - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:22pm
Great looks - she has amazing bone structure!!! Question for you, Lisa... can you do a tutorial on bleaching eyebrows? (or evil hairs above eyebrows)? I want to follow your advice and not pluck them but they are so darn and horrible! And I wouldn't even know where to start with the whole bleaching procedure! Thanks! :)

Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:19pm
On another note entirely I am desperate to get your spring no 7 collection but it looks to be all sold out?

Maurey - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:18pm
Love your work and am relieved that the bleached eyebrows were for the purpose of the photo shoot. You are such an artist.

Sunshine - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 2:03pm
Didn't realise that it was the same model until I got to the last 80s picture (cover) with her name. It IS amazing what makeup can do!

rena - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:54pm
Please do a tutorial for the 80's look, love the heavy rimmed eyes and red glossy lips! x

Mary - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:48pm
I see she's following the current (odd, IMHO) trend of bleached eyebrows, a la Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I just can't get used to that.... Fantastic job on the makeup, as usual!

Alexandra - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:48pm
Wow!! Lara is pretty but YOU are a magician Lisa! Wonderful work!

Letiziaelle - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:46pm
I love the sculpting effect of the blush in both and the second picture is my favourite! can you do a tutorial on how to apply powder blush to creat differet effects (if I am not mistaken you did one in the past but only for cream blushes)... Thank you!

Jane S. - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:43pm
Amazing! I'd never have imagined casting Lara Stone as a Nagel woman but you really pulled it off.

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:42pm
@Kristina I used a Make Up For Ever HD liquid blush ... the light pink one, cant remember the number right now sorry x

Jo Leverauch - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:36pm
My favourite is the 80's inspired, those chiseled cheekbones..could you list the products that you used...superb as always Lisa...

Adray - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:30pm
Thanx everyone for your lovely opinion. :)

kristina - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:29pm
What brand/shade of blush did you use in the natural look? Beautiful as always...

kristina - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:29pm
What brand/shade of blush did you use in the natural look? Beautiful as always...

Adray - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:28pm
@Ali: Her breasts are real. They are 32D. She is known as a "anti-model" model with her small feet, curve and tooth gap.

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:25pm
@Jax i agree re the bleached brows. On the right model they look great for photo shoots but in real life they are quite difficult to pull off. Lara looks great with pale brows which is why I bleached them for this, they also complimented the make-up looks but they were dyed back to normal after the shoot x

Ali - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:23pm
If she's not had her breasts done, I want to know what bra she's wearing! And I love the Lauren Hutton gap in her front teeth. The hair and lips are amazing.

Jax - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:20pm
Love the glammed up 80's look, how about a tutorial? I think caution on the bleached brows though, only strong bone structure ( like Lara has) can pull it off.

magda - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:20pm
Beautiful work Lisa I love it

Dandy Ramos - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:19pm
she's a cameleon! love the make up and how she carry it! ;-)

Karina - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:19pm
Lisa which lipstick did you use in the secon Look ??? Cheers

Henna - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:17pm
She has amazing lips!

Niamh - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:14pm
Fab! Love the 80's look love how you make past makeup trends very current and modern! Love your work! x

Jax - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:13pm
Love the glammed up 80's look, how about a tutorial? I think caution on the bleached brows though, only strong bone structure ( like Lara has) can pull it off.

Mor Dan - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:13pm
Please make a tutorial about this look..:-) love you so much!!!

AnnaTinka1 - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:12pm
Wouv! First and second pic are soooooooo beautyful! Love the others too- but the natural is still the best!:-) thanks !

zuzana - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:12pm
the 80's ensemble is fantastic!!!! love it! wish it was back

Adray - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:11pm
I Love it. Lisa, Can you talk a bit about bleached eyebrow? the pros and cons.... Who can pull out this look? I have olive/warm under tone, black hair..Should I bleach my eyebrows? I want to bleach them so badly but I am not sure If I will look nice with it or not. Please give me some opinions please...Thanx P.S. Sorry for my poor English.

Inès - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:11pm
So beautiful !

zuzana - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:10pm
love the bleached brows! i wanna try it myself, any tips on how to do it right? thanks

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:10pm
@Taibear I bleached them at the start of the shoot x

Taibear - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:05pm
Lisa, can I ask why you chose not to fill Lara's eyebrows in?

Jacky - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 1:05pm
Love, love, love the natural look, the second photo in particular.

Sam - Saturday Apr 21st 2012 12:47pm
Beautiful! Love the contarsting looks x

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