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Lisa Loves - Friday - 13/04/12 - 10:05pm

Lisa Loves - Holiday Things

Fresh back from my holiday in the Maldives (don’t hate me), I thought I'd share with you some of the things I enjoyed using, reading and watching.

Suncare: For face I mainly used Suqqu's SPF 50 Oil Free Face Protector as it really works and is water resistant. I was also trying out Institut Esthederm's new Photo Regul for face, which claims to help regulate melanin production so you can get a glow without exacerbating patchy pigmentation. I usually use their Photo Reverse Anti-Pigmentation cream for my face, which I love, but thought I'd try out this, their newest edition for a change. I never lay or sit with my face in direct sunlight anyway but I did like this product a lot. The texture is lovely and I've returned with a light glowy tan on my face without any increase in pigmentation around my mouth and chin.

For body, I switched between the Institute Esthederm Photo Reverse Spray and Avene's High Protection Emulsion. When I knew I was going to be in the sea for a long time I used the Avene as I found it very, very water resistant. Its also non-comegenic so good for backs and chests if sun creams bring you out in spots in those areas. The less water resistant Institut Esthderm High Protection spray was great for walking around and easy to apply to legs, shoulders and arms etc throughout the day.

Watch my sunscreen film: Part 1 - Part 2


Skincare: To further guard against pigmentation and sun damage forming I used Murad's Essential C face wash. Packed with antioxidants vitamin C, E and A to help neutralize free radicals and environmental damage.

At the end of the day before dinner I washed my face with this and then applied Bioderma's Sebium Pore Refiner to the areas of my face that get horribly shiny in hot, humid weather. I then used 'This Works' Perfect Look Skin Miracle - a marvelous skin beautifier (more about that in forthcoming tutorials). Before bed I washed again with the C cleanser (I also had a small bottle of Bioderma Crealine with me to remove mascara on the couple of occasions I wore it in the evening) and then used Alpha H Gentle Daily microfoliant - a powder which transforms to a creamy smooth paste when mixed with water. A very gentle, non-abrasive exfoliator, it brightens skin and cleans the pores. I then used Murads Vitamin C serum which is marketed as a day product but worked well for me at night. It delivers a very high dose of Vitamin C for brightening, post sun collagen boosting and cell protection. No7's protect and perfect intense eye cream and a thick layer of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream on my lips finished off the process.

I often get breakouts on holiday, a combination of the hot tropical heat and using so much sun cream so I took Alpha H's Purifying Clay Mask for twice weekly spot prevention treatments. This mask deals very well with blemishes, containing large doses of vitamin A (don’t use when pregnant), Aloe Vera to soothe, Bentonite Clay to draw out impurities and Lavender Oil to hydrate and moisturise.

Watch my skincare film: Part 1 - Part 2


Haircare: I’d booked in to learn to scuba dive so predicted my hair was going to be a frazzled, frizzy, dry mess after all the sun and salt water. I took precautions packing my trusted Kerastase Soleil products - shampoo, masque and conditioner and used them all at least once a day. I brushed my hair gently with my tangle teaser (the worlds best brush for long hair that gets tangles) and every night applied a generous amount of Phyto's ‘Secret De Nuit’ night treatment to work its magic restoring my parched ends while I slept.

Nails: I didn’t paint my nails until the second to last day of the holiday. I was scared the bright colour would attract big fish to nibble at my toes when I was scuba diving.... mistaking them for small brightly coloured fish! When I did, I took enormous pleasure in using Chanel’s limited edition summer shade 'Holiday', the perfect hot tomato red/coral. A gorgeous shade, perfect for sunny climes and bronzed skin. 

What I read: I absolutely devoured ‘Furious Love’ a delicious book about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s great love affair and marriage(s). The authors had access to previously unseen love letters. A fascinating read that covers everything from how they met, their wild passion and all the details of their crazy, paparazzi pursued life together.

What I watched: I was very late to the party on this one but I finally watched all of series 1 & 2 of Sherlock and all I can say is wow! The writing, direction and actors performances are just flawless. Series 2 finished on one hell of a cliffhanger, so now we just have the agony of having to wait until the autumn to find out what happens!!!

Have you tried any of these products yourself? What are your favourite summer holiday skin and hair saviors?

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Jane - Tuesday Jul 17th 2012 1:30pm
Looks, sounds wonderful!!! I was wondering if you have heard and/or tried any Apivita skin care? I believe it's a Greek brand...I do have a soft spot for anything Greek! :) LOVE your blog and make up! :)

kiran - Sunday Jul 15th 2012 11:21pm
Lisa, if you were to put a primer on before sunscreen would that be ok? I say that because I am thinking about the oxybenzone issue in that it can go into your blood stream. If I wear primer would that create a barrier? I already ordered the IE Photo Reverse so I'm trying to think of a workable way to use it now, obviously it isn't that harmful but if I could avoid it then I would like to! Thanks xx

Courtney - Sunday Jul 15th 2012 7:19am
Hi Lisa! Thank you for your continued education for your dedicated "students!" I learn so much and my heart jumps when I see you've posted a new video or blog! I have been really surprised by "Burts bees after sun lotion", it's very soothing, all natural, and contains a lot of aloe Vera to soothe irritated or sunburned skin! All of the products you've mentioned I will run to get my hands on for my next holiday! I also love the 8 hour cream! I hope you had a wonderful trip to the Maldives! XO Courtney :-)

Linda A - Sunday Jul 8th 2012 4:50am
I am embarrassed to say I adore all skincare, especially niche brands and the latest in technology. I have about 15 masks and use them daily; changing them depending on what my skin needs. I think my skin is better than most, and always get comments. Women don't realize you have to put in the time, to get the result! I also hoard oodles of lipsticks, matte, sheer, shiny, glosses, anything I think I need to sample. Reds are my favorites, but lately (summer) I have been into paler options. Its a fun habit to have. Things could be worse!!!

Monika-Luiza - Friday Jul 6th 2012 8:22pm
In the summer I never leave the house without la roche posay's anthelios xl spf 50 cream for body and from the same line the tinted spf 50 for the face; even my almost albino boyfriend swears by this range ;) though I have a pretty dry skin and normally can't stand cliniques moisturesurge gel-cream I find it quite refreshing as a night cream on hot and sticky nights. At night I also use the vitamin c serum Flavo-C by Austrian pharmacie brand Auriga, as it is pretty good and not very expensive.

Dalia dhia - Tuesday May 29th 2012 12:18pm
I love u sooooo much

naty - Monday May 28th 2012 6:37am
I live in italy and I can not find dr murat products. in anticipation of the upcoming holidays in the sun , can you tell me an alternative product to the serum and cleanser dr murad ? you do me a big favor because I have the problem spots on the face. I apologize for my bad English. thanks for your fantastic job!!!

marta - Friday May 25th 2012 7:56pm
hate you? you're impossible to hate , lovely Lady!<3

naty - Tuesday May 15th 2012 7:29am
dear lisa aN Alternative for murad products? tnks

Tuesday May 15th 2012 7:28am

naty - Tuesday May 15th 2012 7:28am
dear lisa an alternative to murad products? - Thursday May 10th 2012 10:59am
You should try one I've recommended on my blog as well: SPF 110! :)

naty - Wednesday May 9th 2012 7:22am
mau i ask you what products you use for very long flights and if you use makeup? thanks naty

naty - Tuesday May 8th 2012 2:31pm
thanks for the advice, unfortunately some of the products that you recommend in italy are not found, what choice do you propose to Suqqu's SPF 50 Oil Free Face Protector ?

kim - Saturday May 5th 2012 3:27pm
wow I like those photos!

LRW - Monday Apr 30th 2012 1:47pm
You went to Maldives and I came to London! I loved London so time,London&Paris!Glad you had a good holiday.

Love From Vritish Columbia - Friday Apr 27th 2012 7:02pm
Hope you do more of these Lisa, i totally love them!

Virginie. - Tuesday Apr 24th 2012 3:55am
Hi Lisa, such great pictures!! It's funny that you talked about Alpha H, I just read for the 1st time about this brand on other blogs, and they "prescribe" it for skin with acne. Myself, 34 and a mother of 2 have acne and since I gave birth of my 2nd, my acne came back a lot. I am breastfeeding. I am dying to try those products with Glycolic and salicylic acid on my skin to be presentable again, but I am not sure if it is compatible with breastfeeding. Would you know? Thank you so much for everything, love you!!!

Milena - Thursday Apr 19th 2012 11:00am
Wonderful post Lisa! Love to hear all your top secrets and tips every time ^_^ I was wondering if you were planning, or would consider doing, a post on skin-care, hair-care, and make-up for expectant mums? I've noticed that some of the products out there are big no-no's for us bc of the high levels of vitamin A or tea tree oil, so we often have to go without but then end up paying the price with how out skin and hair react to the lack of nurturing care it is used to. As for make up, I myself would like to be able to continue on looking prim and proper, even if dragging my feet due to lack of sleep (not sure how that will be treating me in a few months' time!); the day to day doesn't worry me one bit, but I do want to have a simple, yet stellar evening look for a cousin's wedding we are planning to attend a month after our little bundle arrives! Hints? Tips? Advise? ANYTHING? Love all your work and sincerely appreciate you sharing your finds and thoughts with us!

Beatrice - Wednesday Apr 18th 2012 12:53am
Hi Lisa Thank you for all the amazing videos and posts you make, I love them all and your opinion and expertise it's always so useful. I' ve been looking into the Murad products range for a while now, but I'm never too sure about the Vitamin C serum because of its brightening properties. I don't really need/want that, but I want to enjoy the antiaging benefits from vitamin C. Can you please tell me if it also exfoliates your skin? many brightening products work that way... Thank you so much!

Josie - Tuesday Apr 17th 2012 2:05pm
You used mascara at night only on a couple of occassions? Hmm, that sounds just right! Why should I stress about makeup at night during vacation, when I should focus on relaxing and enjoying my family? I'm inspired.

Naomi - Tuesday Apr 17th 2012 1:48pm
I LOVE SHERLOCK TOO!! Have you watched Hustle? Love that series as well... *guilty*

Shaz - Tuesday Apr 17th 2012 1:40pm
Check out alpha h's normal glycolic grainy exfoliant I think you'd really like it Lisa. You can even use it as a mask

Shaz - Tuesday Apr 17th 2012 1:39pm
Check out alpha h's glycolic exfoliant (the grainy one) I think you'd really like it Lisa.

Tuesday Apr 17th 2012 1:36pm

SarahG - Tuesday Apr 17th 2012 1:32pm
Lisa, does Institut Esthederm Photo Regul for face have an SPF? Can't see from the bottle so wondering if a sunscreen is needed on top of it.

Anna - Sunday Apr 15th 2012 8:35pm
the Maldives! I love that place!! I tried the kerastase products while livin on kauai and loved them! and now when I go on holiday can't go without my avene soothing moisture mask! Love your post, videos and work! :)

Michaela - Sunday Apr 15th 2012 2:50pm
dear lisa, I am definitely getting the avene sunscreen. I always am in the water in the summer and it sounds perfect! I had a question about primer sunscreens. I was considering purchasing the La Roche-Posay daily anti-aging primer with sunscreen for summer. I was wondering if this is as strong as a regular sunscreen and strong enough for everyday wear since I work outside in the summer. Or if i should stick with the La Roche Posay anthelios sunscreen protection. Loved this video! thanks so much.

colleenspellacy - Sunday Apr 15th 2012 12:39pm
just wondering lisa who did you book your holiday through as i want to book it for my honeymoon. xxx

Denice - Sunday Apr 15th 2012 11:33am
Lisa! I've watched all your videos and have been following your amazing work! Thanks for all your advices on make-up, skin care and the very helpfull suggestions! It made my view on make-up and beauty get a whole new perspective..! I hope you had an amazing time on your holidays and can't wait for your next video! :) Greetings from Sweden! All the best.. xx

Karl - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 9:19pm
Your Book Looks Quite An Imteresting Read Lisa. I Found These Two Quotes By Elizabeth Taylor I Thought That You Might Like To Hear. "Pour Yourself A Drink, Put On Some Lipstick And Pull Yourself Together" "Milk Is My Recipe For Lovely Skin,Sparkling Eyes And A Well Rounded Figure"

kasia - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 6:49pm
Love your work! Thank you for sharing with us all amazing stuff you do. I am thinking of doing a makeup course in or around London. I would love to learn how to do my eye makeup as I find it difficult. Are there any makeup courses you can recommend? You are the best Lisa!x

kasia - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 6:44pm

Saturday Apr 14th 2012 5:54pm

Saturday Apr 14th 2012 5:51pm

Saturday Apr 14th 2012 5:48pm

Susan Reynolds - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 5:47pm

DM - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 3:49pm
Hi Lisa Glad you enjoyed your holiday! I've been watching your videos for some time now well since they showed a video from you doing a smokey eye look at college when i was studying beauty and I can't wait for some new video from you looking forward to watching I think your great and all your make up looks are beautiful I do a bit of make up and I love doing it and when I watch you video makes me want to do it even more your a fantastic make up artist.

Janet - TheMoultonJ YT - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 1:58pm
Can’t wait for the new video on Sunday! You are the best. Janet - twitter @felinesxhugsx

Rose - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 12:59pm
Hi, Lisa can you, or someone else, recommend a sunscreen suitable for onto the scalp. Preferably one that I could reapply during the day as I have sparsely implanted hair.

Nikita - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 12:44pm
Super! That made for great bed time reading! Thanks Lisa xx Btw, I have become much more careful with sun exposure so thank you. Was good to see what factors you use and so on... would love to hear about skin regimes or products for long flights too xxx

Noémie - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 12:40pm
Hi Lisa , I have discovered you while working for CHANEL in Paris two years ago, and now I am following you every time I can. I will be also very interested in knowing your tips for long flight. I usually fly from France to New-Zealand because my partner is living there. Going to move for good to NZ by the end of the month but commuting by plane is always tricky after so much plane and stop over. It is hard to look good after whereas I try to do my best because he always pick me up at the airport ;) In the meantime I really admire the businesswoman you are ;)

Rebecca Smith - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 11:58am
Hi Lisa, I think you are brilliant. I was just wondering if you could possible do something about skincare, makeup and hair during long flights? It would be much appreciated especially with the summer holiday season fast approaching. Thank you x

Eloise - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 11:46am
Hi Lisa, can you use the Avene emulsion on your face? I have neen using the hydrance optimale UV daily but for my hols was thinking of the emulsion?? thanks

Becky - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 11:44am
I love the Chanel nail polish, do you know if/ when it's available in the UK?

szafcia - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 10:37am
i was on the Paradise Island a few years ago with my family. it was the journey of our lifes. it's just.. paradise :D

Saturday Apr 14th 2012 10:18am

sarika - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 10:05am
Love these snaps Lisa, so glam! xxx

Sol - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 8:58am
Thank you for sharing your holiday-routine, dear! (I think I need all the products. ;) Will be moving to the middle east in some months.) It sound's like such a nice holiday! Looking forward for the new tutorials!!!

MsKaMaHo - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 8:35am
Dear Lisa! Glad that you had an amazing time!!!! Got one question - is there a reason why you changed from la roche posay/bioderma sunscreens to Suqqu and Estederm? I'm usually following your advices when it comes to face care, but those products you are on to now are less available;-) We have the same holiday hair rutine - i just add kerastase elixir ultime for nights and for ends;-) Sya something more about chanel holiday? It's a limited summer 2012 edition? Can't find it! Love from Copenhagen, you are the best!!!!

LiannN - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 7:38am
Hi Lisa, what is the finish like of the SUQQU sunscreen?

LiannN - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 7:28am
Hi Lisa, what is the finish like of the SUQQU sunscreen?

Cloud9climber - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 6:16am
P.S. I use Murad and Kerastase products every day! Love them. I've just picked up the water based Chanel base yesterday that you recommended and LOVE it. It's light with good coverage and smells fantastic. I've probably spent $1K dollars so far on products you've recommended and really enjoy them all. Thank you! xoxo

Karina Agüero - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 5:48am
awesome, love it :D Lisa i have a question for you, what type of blush you recommend for brunette skin? , thanks you <3

Cloud9climber - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 5:35am
Love that you're on Holiday! I love your Beach Brights video and can imagine you in the Sun with blue eyeliner, flushed cheeks and stained lips - looking all fabulous! Enjoy!

Eleonore - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 5:30am
That's why we didn't hear from you then!!!!!Of course I'm jealous and hate you:Maldives!!!....sounds like paradise to me and obviously you seem to have enjoyed it, lucky you! I'm happy for you, you work so much, you deserved a lovely break and the weather has just been awful in Europe! Being French I know and love and always use the products you mention against sun damage: Esthederm, Avène (and La Roche Posay too)are wonderful to preserve your skin! Looking forward to reading from you and watching your new videos! :-)

Suzy - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 4:33am
And now you have to do a Liz Taylor look. From her golden period, when she was with Richard Burton.

Saturday Apr 14th 2012 4:01am
this looks so fabulous :) would you please do an updated skin care routine? and a hair routine would be fabulous as well. you always have such lovely waves.

lisa - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 3:11am
I absolutely live thru your holiday posts :) Thank you for confirming my thoughts on the brights and the posh sunscreening. You are amazing! LOVE.

Sophie london - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 2:26am
I'm off to Greece so will look out for these in the airport. I'm very tempted by Estherdem, Avene and the lovely Chanel varnish. It looks gorgeous. I shall be reading a book about food in Paris and NY (Les pintades passent à la casserole), one about Japan and one about a love story during WW2. Your pictures are wonderful by the way.

Jane S. - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 2:13am
Sounds like you had a marvelous vacation - I just ordered the Liz Taylor book on your recommendation! I'm going to take note of your recommendations as I spend a lot of time on the South Carolina coast. Here's my tip - Dermalogica's Solar Defense Booster - it's pure SPF 50 that you can wear alone for full-strength or add to any moisturizer or foundation. Their tinited moisturizer is great too, as it's mostly moisturizer with tint added, rather than a foundation that's been diluted with a moisturizer. Welcome back!

Suleena - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 2:03am
I have plan for holiday with my family early next month too. Of course, I also bring along my photo-reverse for face / nutrogena sheer block for body and bioderma kids for my son. This should be fun. Lastly, can't wait to see your next film!

Josie - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 1:53am
Lisa, the pictures of the products are just glorious. The backdrop could not be more perfect. Excited to see your new glowy tan.

Adelaide - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 1:10am
Thank you for sharing with us Lisa. I can't wait to watch your next videos!

Niki - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 1:07am
When we visited the Maldives we only had salt water showers: you obviously were able to enjoy a little more normality with freshwater, or the products you used would have been useless! But what a beautiful place :)

Eleonore - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 1:05am
That's why we didn't hear from you then!!!!!Of course I'm jealous and hate you:Maldives!!!....sounds like paradise to me and obviously you seem to have enjoyed it, lucky you! I'm happy for you, you work so much, you deserved a lovely break and the weather has just been awful in Europe! Being French I know and love and always use the products you mention against sun damage: Esthederm, Avène (and La Roche Posay too)are wonderful to preserve your skin! Looking forward to reading from you and watching your new videos! :-)

DrAnnie - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 12:57am
Really happy to see a new post from you - as always new posts and videos are like presents and I get so excited. I am starting to notice pigmentation around my mouth and chin and also spots that leave marks long after they're gone!!! I know you know of lots of products that deal with pigmentation, but if you could name the one product you thought was most effective, which would it be? I'm 35 with tan skin and must do something about this asap!!! Thanks so much and can't wait for new tutorials!

Adray - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 12:27am
Lisa, I am so happy that you had a great time in Maldives (and yes I hate you...:D) I am from Vietnam. In the summer, my family used to go to this place call Nha Trang (It's absolutely beautiful). It is very hot, windy and humid. I think you'll have so much fun there. So next holiday I think you should check it out.

EM - Saturday Apr 14th 2012 12:03am
The ignorant American here needs to look up the location of the Maldives. However, this American (PBS junkie) also saw Sherlock Seasons 1 & 2 when they came out. Of course, this American also devoured every single Conan Doyle's Sherlock stories, and watched all of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock episodes. I am so going to check out the Alpha H powder that turns to a paste. Sounds perfect.

Margaret Mchensky - Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:30pm
Hi Lisa!you are fab and a wealth of information.I`m so happy that you have a beautiful holidays,i hope you injoy;) i tryed many protectors for face,but "pola" is the best for my combo really works, water resistant,matifying and make up goes so well on top.i also like "evidenсe de beaute" one,and absolutly love their "special mask" all in one skin beautifier(even better than suqqu mask for instant beauty wich i also like)great for pigmentation too.I love to use face wash with vit C too,one of my favorites now is "Holy land vit C clenser".Excuse me for bad english and long comment,i have so much to say:D

Samiha - Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:29pm
I am in freaking LOVE with you, your talent, life and everything anyway and now you also watch SHERLOCK! I just cannot HANDLE so much awesomeness!!!!!! =D thanks for the post!!!

Lisa Eldridge - Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:26pm
@Eda thanks for your lovely comment x

Lisa Eldridge - Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:24pm
@Elaine lucky you, i'm jealous! Have a fabulous time x

Eda - Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:24pm
I wish a could afford to try at least some of the products you have mentioned here. Nonetheless, it is an amazing experience reading you, watching you and having you as the most adorable, real makeup artists I have ever "known"! Cheers... :)

Elaine - Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:20pm
I'm going to the Maldives in a few weeks!!

Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:19pm
I absolutely love Ávene products!! I hope you had a great vacation... Lucky one :)

Donna - Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:08pm
It's great that you are back, you can get to work on that Kate Winslet video now ;o) only kidding! Love reading your blog, I am obsessed with skincare & make up and you know your stuff (obviously!) so I look forward to every new post xx

Lisa Eldridge - Friday Apr 13th 2012 11:02pm
@Rebekka oh no, i seriously dont think I can wait that long! x

Lisa Eldridge - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:59pm
@joana if you just use the pore refiner on the parts of your face where the enlarged open pores are and not all over, it should be ok. x

Lisa Eldridge - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:57pm
@Bella Palomo oh thanks! Murad have a good range of products for Rosacea x

Rebekka - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:57pm
Sadly new episodes for Sherlock will not even be produced until next year, so we wait and wait and wait some more, but definitely worth it. Thanks also for the recommendations, I love Alpha H, so will try this exfoliator. And welcome back, you have been missed. Yay to more videos. Bisous

Parna - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:56pm
Dearest Lisa I absolutely adore you and your talent, I always have, but I must say this, now that I have realized you have enjoyed watching Sherlock, I love you even more, if that's at all possible XOXO

Joana - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:56pm
I've been meaning to read that book - must be incredible! I'm glad you had some time to relax and enjoy yourself, Lisa. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I've thought about trying Bioderma's Pore refiner because I have very enlarged pores on my cheeks. But my skin is a little on the dry side and I'm afraid it won't be appropriate.

SK - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:56pm
Lisa please help me find an eye cream. I'm allergic to almost everything. I have puffiness, dark circles and extremely dryness under my eyes. Plz help!!!! I spend hours during the day reading about different products but it's simply impossible to know which one to choose?

Carissa - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:56pm
LOL re not wearing nail polish because you were scared the fish would nibble on your toes ... I was exactly the same when I went to Fiji! :)

Bella Palomo - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:54pm
Lisa, you have amazing skin. And now I see why! You take care so much of it. I have a question, though. I have rosacea and my face is literally pink. Do you know of any cream or if maybe the ones you suggest here could do something to lessen the pink? XO Im so happy you will post on Sunday!

Jackie - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:54pm
Lovely to see you back! Loved that you read that book, amazing, wasn't it? Just a glorious real life soap opera. ;) And such beautiful, talented people. Also, Sherlock was amazing. Glad you got to relax with such wonderful reading and viewing stuffs. :) Love that nail polish color, too!

<3Lisa - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:47pm
Thank you for answering :) looking forward to the video! xoxoxo

SantaXo - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:43pm
Don't hate you ^^ i'm just desperated to work with you a day :) Please, continue to make us dream :)

PatPeret - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:35pm
I have horrible pigmentation all over my face which gets worse by the hour I feel (laser and using SPF daily has appeares to make no difference in my case). And, I am only 33... (but feel like have pigmentation spots of an 80-years-old). Anyway, every time you talk about Institut Esthederm I feel like I should give it a shot (haven't yet just because I live in Brazil and it would be impossible to get it for now).

Esther - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:31pm
I have just gotten into watching your videos and reading your blog and really like your advice and recommendations. Only this week from one of your tutorials I've learnt to double cleanse at night and I can already see the difference!! Love this post on holiday products and will be making notes for what to get when I'm next in sunnier climes!! Thank you for your honest advice! Esther xx ps I agree Sherlock is fab!

Lisa Eldridge - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:30pm
@Maky I'm using it all the time at the moment and have been for a while. Its the Intense one x @fo I only use these IE products, which I find to be really effective for preventing sun damage and pigmentation when I'm on holiday somewhere hot - so for around 4 weeks a year- when I need a higher level of protection. For this reason I dont worry about the oxybenzone in the formulation. x

<3Lisa - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:30pm
:) You're great, Lisa. I like your detailed descriptions of products and their effects. I'm just curious...erm, ok, furious :D that there's no video from you...why, oh why? Please, upload one asap :)

Maky - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:21pm
Thanks for sharing, Lisa! As always, a wealth of information! I've been looking for a new eye cream and did wonder about the No 7 Protect and Perfect as I'm using their serum already. Did you use it only whilst on holiday or is it the one you use normally? If not, any recommendations? Thanks! :) P.S. Must read that book, sounds fascinating!

Nicola Graham - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:19pm
Those products all sound amazing! The Alpha H Purifying Clay Mask sounds amazing as i suffer with breakouts every so often..and of course the Chanel polish in Holiday, what a stunning colour! The tangle teezer is my must have hair product... Can you do a list of the products linking to where you can purchase?? Hope u had a fab holiday :)

Mara - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:19pm
We miss seeing you in a video!

Vi - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:18pm
Les Maldives! Lucky you Lisa! Merci pour tous ces bons conseils et félicitations pour votre site! Greetings from Brussels

Lisa Eldridge - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:17pm
@3Lisa been mad busy with work since I got back but have lots of videos ready to go that I filmed before I left. Working with Helena Christensen tomorrow and then will upload Sunday x

fo - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:15pm
what are your thoughts on institut esthederm using oxybenzone in their producsts?

<3Lisa - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:13pm
:) You're great, Lisa. I like your detailed descriptions of products and their effects. I'm just curious...erm, ok, furious :D that there's no video from you...why, oh why? Please, upload one asap :)

vi - Friday Apr 13th 2012 10:09pm
youpiiie first one!!

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