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Gallery Update - Saturday - 11/02/12 - 8:25am

Gallery Update - Liv Tyler

I've been meaning to update the gallery section of my website with two sets of great pictures I did with gorgeous Liv Tyler. This first set are in the current issue of Marie Claire UK  (i'll put the other one up soon as it features VERY different make-up). The look I was going for here was a defining beauty make-up that didnt overpower her natural beauty and personality but made her eyes really stand out (I used individual false lashes, lots of liner and shading). Liv has the most incredible lips which I played down, simply embellishing with a pale shimmery gloss so her very blue eyes took centre stage. Hope you like the pics X



To see all the pictures and read the interview with Liv see the March Issue of UK Marie Claire

Fashion Editor - Jayne Pickering

Photography - Marc Hom

Hair - James Rowe 

Nail - Lucie Pickavance

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Latest Comments 78 | Add Your Comments

Emma - Friday Nov 9th 2012 12:00pm
Would love a tutorial on this one! You're the best! xo

Zoe - Wednesday May 23rd 2012 12:21am
no chance of the tutorial for Liv's cover? Been waiting for ages! :o)

Stefanie Freckelton - Thursday Mar 1st 2012 12:01am
I love Liv Tyler, she is stunning! And, o course, your makeup on her looked divine:)

Gabriella - Monday Feb 27th 2012 1:52pm
You're my guru ;-)

Rita - Saturday Feb 25th 2012 2:43pm
Please Please do a Tutorial!

milia - Thursday Feb 23rd 2012 2:17pm
Yes please, a tutorial for this great look!

tijana - Monday Feb 20th 2012 12:09pm
huh, been trying to get this one right for a week now. it's really hard just from the photos (a video please, dear lisa! :)). apparently, the gold is a bit on a lighter side? and lashes are enhanced with some false ones? and the colour of the lipstick is bronzy or darker peachy? considering what I just wrote, I might not got even close so far :)

Katka - Sunday Feb 19th 2012 12:43pm
I am in love with your work :)

life/style/flash. blog - Sunday Feb 19th 2012 11:01am
She's sooo beautiful! It must be easy to make up a stunning face like that (not that I'm playing down your skills, I hope you know what I mean!).

Cecilia - Friday Feb 17th 2012 10:32pm
Dear lisa, I'm 26 years old italian girl from Milan. Next monday i'll have an important job interview after my second degree in economics and i know that a good makeup is a good business card and colors helps to represent character and nature. could you please tell me what do you suggest? i have light skin with dark blonde hair and light blue/grey eyes with a little bit of yellow. i really hope you want to help me and thank thank thank thank you very much! it's an honor and a pleasure for me! Cecilia. (ps. if you need i can mail you a little picture. thank you!)

Agnese - Friday Feb 17th 2012 1:57pm
Like everyone.....TUTORIAL pleaseeeee!Simple but stunning!

Rachel - Thursday Feb 16th 2012 4:43am
Oh Lisa, as soon as I saw this photo I went out to my local bookstore to see if they carried this mag. I live in the U.S. so I was thinking it wouldn't be at the small store, but it was! I can't wait to look at your beautiful work when I bring the mag on vacation with me next week! :)

Wednesday Feb 15th 2012 10:45pm
Love it! Please do a tutorial:-)

Marie - Wednesday Feb 15th 2012 2:24pm
Smart and feminine, could you do a tutorial of this please? thank you

Flora - Wednesday Feb 15th 2012 1:30pm
Wonderful!!!could you make a tutorial?

Yuko - Wednesday Feb 15th 2012 6:51am
Please, please, please, PLEASE do a tutorial. Please!

Emma - Tuesday Feb 14th 2012 8:53pm
Hi Lisa ! Thankyou for your wonderful tutorials! I wonder if you can make a tutorial on how to sculpt different faceshapes with contouring & highlighting. For example, how can i widen my face? Should I use a lighter concealer (instead of bronzer) under my cheekbones? Thanks again for sharing your valuable makeupskills! Best regards Emma

Tuesday Feb 14th 2012 6:07pm
You absolutely must do this makeup tutorial, stunning

Monday Feb 13th 2012 3:34pm
oh my god, she is so beautiful. wish i had her face structure :-(!

Tammy - Monday Feb 13th 2012 10:47am I absolutely love Liv Tyler and she just looks more gorgeous than ever!! Cannot wait for the look!!!!!!!!! xxxxx

Maria - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 7:12pm
Beautiful. I'd love to see a tutorial for this look!

Jazy - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 5:50pm
Stunning!! Love the look.. It definitely is a beauty defining look .. I would LOVE a tutorial on this look :)

AriSatomi - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 5:40pm
I love this look! Liv is absolutely lovely and I'm really looking forward to the film for her makeup look! :) xoxo from Paris

shelleykerr83 - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 10:37am
Hi Lisa, I saw Liv in Times Square, New York attending a party approx 6 years ago and she's incredibly beautiful. I recently bought Marie Claire and thought her make-up was stunning. I never looked at the creds to see who did her make-up. Now that I know it was you, yes I would also love a tutorial! Thank you so much for keeping us all beautifully informed. Shelley x

Elke - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 10:37am
she's so pretty... how do you do this without those perfect features? i'm not complaining, just realistic ;)

NathalieW - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 9:27am
Hello Lisa, She's more beautiful than ever and I think you have very similar features. The lip colour is superb, I can't wait to see your tutorial... Thanks for sharing the wonders you make with us, you are a magician :) x

NathalieW - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 9:16am
Hello Lisa, She's more beautiful than ever and I think you have very similar features. The lip colour is superb, I can't wait to see your tutorial... Thanks for sharing the wonders you make with us, you are a magician :) x

Janne - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 6:59am
God, I adore Liv Tyler! She looks more gorgeous than ever, excellent!

Eloisa - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 5:19am
This is soooo pretty. I hope you'll make a film and do the make up like this one. you're such an inspiration not just for putting make up and looking good but also for keeping the skin look and feel healthy. Thank you!! xoxoxo

Pinsleepe - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 2:01am
She looks very much like you actually:) would love to see the tutorial for that look. best wishes xx

Zara - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 1:50am
Beautiful! I love how you've made her eyes stand out and LOVE the lip color! Would love to see a tutorial :D

firefly - Sunday Feb 12th 2012 12:01am
I think you did an incredible work, thanks for sharing us! This would made an excellent tutorial!!

Alexandria - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 11:06pm
I love how it looks so serene. I think it resembles Grace Kelly's makeup. Not too much just...perfect. I look forward to a tutorial :) Thanks for the beautiful pictures Lisa!

Margaret June - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 10:40pm
OMG!!!!TUTORIAL!!!!please please please!!!!!! I LOVE those earrings very much and you and your face,so please tutorial with your the mosts gorgeus and my favorite face/Bad english,big love/kiss from Russia

Donna - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 8:53pm
This is sublime. Please can you do a tutorial? xxx

Michelle - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 8:32pm
Gosh, she's mesmerizing. I swear I see indigo in her eyes! You did a fantastic job, as you always do.

Brielle - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 7:23pm
LOOKS wonderful, very inspiring. Liv is my favorite of al time, so I as super happy to see her on your site. Lovely job on the make Lisa!

Babs - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 7:04pm
dear Lisa, please, do a tutorial on this, i definitly NEED IT !! thank you so much, u are an special and gifted artist, thank you for shearing your outstanding work!

maria - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 6:52pm
I love how you do make up! And I like very much the look. It reminds me when she played Arwen in lord of the rings! Elven beauty, very natural, do a tutorial Lisa!!! :-D

Patrycja - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 6:29pm

angela - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 6:16pm
Fabulous...can you make an everyday make-up for green eyes?thank you

Emily - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 5:56pm
She is gorgeous and I actually prefer a look that plays down the lips on her, her eyes are amazing in these pics! You are so talented, Lisa, love your work.

Adelaide - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 4:33pm
Please do a video of this look! it's gorgeous!

Jean - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 4:14pm
She is such a beautiful this look on her, very subtle and classy. Definitely enhances all her features...wondrous eyes and to die for lips. I think as she matures she is becoming more beautiful. LOVE the earrings!

Joanne - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 4:03pm
Not keen.. I think it makes her look washed out, masculine, and looking a bit rough.. but, maybe that's the trend at the moment? I think she looks her best when she has bright red lipstick, like when she also had her hair all very oriental looking in Armageddon. I don't even like the earings. Sorry, it's a no from me :( x

Joanne - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 4:00pm
Not keen.. I think it makes her look washed out, masculine, and looking a bit rough.. but, maybe that's the trend at the moment? I think she looks her best when she has bright red lipstick, like when she also had her hair all very oriental looking in Armageddon. I don't even like the earings. Sorry, it's a no from me :( x

Isabelle - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 3:58pm
Love that for once Liv's beautiful eyes are centre-stage. Gorgeous enhancing make-up.

Daphné - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 3:53pm
Hey Lisa, I discovered you a few weeks ago through the Chanel-confidential web site. You are so talented and the dedication you put into your work is such an inspiration for all of us. GO LISA GO!

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 2:37pm
thanks for all the great comments so far. It looks like a tutorial of how to get the look and what to use is called for : ) X

judith - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 2:03pm
Beautiful! Love your work! What lipstick did you use?

Ann - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 1:39pm
Wow!!! Love her...i Live Tyler for her beauty but also love You Lisa Eldridge for Your talent ;)

pat - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 12:22pm
i'd love liv makeup tutorial. have same shade of skin, eyes and hair. please please please <3

Jessica - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 12:13pm
I love Liv Tyler! She is so gorgeous, and you did an amazing job showcasing her natural beauty!

Anna - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 11:50am
Is there any way you could post a product breakdown? I would love to know what you used on her eyes! X

alexandra - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 11:30am
OMG, she is so beautiful, u r luky lisa,working with celebrities must be wonderful!

Lena - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 11:04am
Oh yes, i've just read - individual false lashes))) Anyway -the result is great!

Lena - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 11:01am
The look is great! I admire the cobination of bright blue eyes and dark strict eyebrows. I wonder if this mascara or artificial eyelashes?

Carol Ann - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 11:00am

Anna - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 10:47am
I just so this magazine yesterday and thought she has great make-up on! x

Marta - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 10:10am
Could you let us know what products did you use? :) Great job, as usual !!!

Anna O - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:46am
Ooooh please Lisa do a tutorial asap!!! Beautiful

Dani Duffy - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:45am
Absolutely stunning! Liv's eyes look amazing and the look works so well! Xxx

choni - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:43am
you did her eyes bigger than ever !

Nikita - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:39am
This is so beautiful and wish I had Liv's lips! I love this look - it's so soft and then the blue eyes! Lisa - you're my inspiration! xx

Lisa eldridge - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:33am
Charlie haha x @Shareena oh thanks! I used a light beige pencil along the waterline to help the blue of her eyes really stand out. X

Nikita - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:30am
This is so beautiful and wish I had Liv's lips! I love this look - it's so soft and then the blue eyes! Lisa - you're my inspiration! xx

Aleksandra - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:27am
she looks incredible... classic beauty! please, please, tutorial..!

Shareena - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:24am
you really emphasis on her eyes! it look beautiful and so blue! you are amazing, Lisa!

dzeksonfajf5 - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:21am
My two favourite ladies together, both Cancerians :)!Love that sparkle in the inner corner of the eye, and lips too. X

Milenija - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:18am
What is she like?

Charlie - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:17am
I would turn for Liv!!! ha ha ha :D

Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:13am
Amazing as always Lisa. Great work. :)

Charlie - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:12am
I would turn for Liv!!! ha ha ha :D

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:09am
@tijana it definitely a great look for a tutorial, thanks X @anthea the earring and top are from Prada S/S collection. I do love those earrings! X

elizabeth - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:06am
i love this.. her eyes look amazing. i wish there was a way you could do my makeup, help me find out what features are my best... and just make me feel gorgeous. the photo with the hat, i think she looks the most beautiful. but i've always loved her look. so exotic and fun. but anyway, you are amazing, thank you so much for sharing everything you do.

anthea - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:03am
Hi Lisa, do you know where the clothes and earrings are from? thanks :D

Saturday Feb 11th 2012 9:01am
love love love her, and can't wait until you show us how you did her makeup! :)

tijana - Saturday Feb 11th 2012 8:59am
lovely! looking fwd to a tutorial on this fabulous look :)

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