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Lisa Loves - Saturday - 10/12/11 - 8:14pm

Lisa Loves - Dream in Full Colour

I really wanted to include this very christmassy 'dream-catcher' inspired palette in my Christmas Gift Guide video but didnt manage to get one in time to feature. I absolutely love stained glass windows so was immediately drawn to it. 

Stila was a favourite of mine back when it launched in the early 90's, a combination of the cute retro illustrated packaging and cutting edge make-up artist friendly formulations - the line was founded by the fabulous hollywood make-up artist Jeanine Lobell. Jeanine sold the line after 5 years and I was sad to watch how quickly it fell from grace after Estee Lauder took over the reigns in 1999. Evenutally stock dwindled completely and it left the UK before being sold on again in 2006 and again in 2009.

I'm very happy to say that not only is Stila back on our shores but, by the look of this palette, its back with a bang! I really hope the new owners will do it justice and bring it back to its former glory.

What are your favourite Stila products?

The palette is £25 here with worldwide delivery or $39 for US buyers here.

They also make a smaller version for £12.50 here with worldwide delivery, or $18 for US buyers here.

If you like this one ...Stila also have some other beautful Christmas palettes which are well worth checking out. X

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Latest Comments 56 | Add Your Comments

MemoryLane - Tuesday Jan 10th 2012 5:15am
Do you know what I really miss? Their tube lipsticks. They had some amazing colors and the texture was always so creamy & hydrating, it never dried your lips out. I miss Marion, Jane, Jo, Carol Ann, Natalie. So many. And their eyeshadows! Diamond Lil was my jam back in high school, along with Kitten, Oasis, Barefoot Contessa, Sun, Pewter. And Moonlight & Starlight were excellent as highlighters under the brow. I can't find their lipsticks anywhere now except on eBay (I live in the US), and even then, it's a limited selection. Such a shame. I know their eyeshadows are still available, but to be honest, the formula just isn't the same as it was back in the 90's.

Mary - Monday Jan 2nd 2012 7:16pm
Follow-up to my previous comment: saw this yesterday at Ulta here in the U.S. Very cool!

Mary - Saturday Dec 31st 2011 2:59pm
I hope you'll shoot a video using this palette - it's so very cool! Hope we'll see it in the U.S.!

bellarose698 - Monday Dec 19th 2011 4:23pm
It is dreamy...

Ghada - Sunday Dec 18th 2011 8:03pm
Wow, Great colors and combinations, I wish if I have the chance to own one ... I love make up

Mary - Wednesday Dec 14th 2011 4:44pm
Dear Lisa, thank you for the lovely ideas! I really like Stila but it's no longer available in Greece. My all time favourites were Eyeshadow kitten (lovely name, right?) and the Louise high shine lipstick. Loving the beautybay link (which i didnt know) since i can order this amazing palette, the tangle teezer you once mentioned, i think during your vacation in Greece ;) and free shipping! Hopefully all these will still be available in January, when i'll get my paycheck! Lots of love and happy holidays to u and your family!

emily - Wednesday Dec 14th 2011 6:20am
i miss the tin tubed lip color, had completely forgot how much i loved those back in the day. i wish they'd kept the tubes.

shelleykerr83 - Tuesday Dec 13th 2011 8:29pm
Hi Lisa, I was so happy when I saw Stila back in the UK. I absolutely love their lipsticks in 'Jane' and 'Ella'. Also, the lip glosses my favourite colour is 'Grapefruit' and the convertable colour in 'Peony'.

eve - Tuesday Dec 13th 2011 1:28pm
Amazing! it's so colorful with touch modern. We can do many looks this palette! X

susan - Tuesday Dec 13th 2011 3:56am
stila had ever been here in Bangkok but unfortunately the left 3 years ago. many fans here was so sad & if we wanna get stila products we have to order through agent which the cost very high :(

Mo - Monday Dec 12th 2011 9:26pm
Lisa, I got this just a while back, for my husband's best friend's gf! It was her bday, she ADORED it!! i prefer 1000 times to give things I like for myself, as gifts, because I already have enough stuff! I am happy u featured this, I love the design, it's practical yet beautiful!

Jane in NYC - Monday Dec 12th 2011 5:31pm
Kitten eyeshadow and for obvious reasons, Jane lipstick! Just saw this palette yesterday in Sephora and it's HUGE! Like, as big as a salad plate. What a great deal!

veronica - Monday Dec 12th 2011 3:06pm
Hi, i love it! i also have some of the one step foundations and eye liners! they are great!!!

Anne - Monday Dec 12th 2011 2:58pm
Hi Lisa! Stila eyeshadows are probably my favorite makeup item. I loved the line while it was under Jeanine Lobell's direction; the cardboard trios were amazing! I still have a few, actually. :) I had a random question; do you use or like Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond foundation? I've been trying to find more information about the colors and whether it would be suitable for daily wear. I'd love if you did a video on makeup products that are geared towards professional makeup artists but usable for the average makeup wearer.

Saskia - Monday Dec 12th 2011 1:47pm
Hey Lisa :) Thanks for sharing, this palette is truly amazing & the design is really cute :) I got the Stila "One Step correct", which I use before foundation/concealer at ASOS, not long ago & for a really good price. 8They also ship to germany, at the moment even for free, wich is amazing!) Have a great day & best wishes, Saskia

Christi - Monday Dec 12th 2011 3:01am
I love the Stila kitten smudge pot and the lip glazes, altho they are pricey at 22$! This palette looks absolutely gorgeous Lisa! Are those blushes and highlighters around the outside?

Christi - Monday Dec 12th 2011 3:00am
Lisa, I'm sorry I posted two similar comments because it won't post my comments for some reason..

Bippy - Monday Dec 12th 2011 2:17am
Lisa you are the tops - xx

Georgina - Monday Dec 12th 2011 2:16am
Wow Lisa, I loved Stila, this palette looks great

Janet - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 11:57pm
I’m new to Stila… just ran out and picked up the palette. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention, it’s fabulous so far! Janet xOx felinesxhugsx on twitter.

Lisa Eldridge - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 11:25pm
@StilaGirl just read it, absolutely fantastic, really inspiring. She has worked so hard ... more power to her. I went to the same make-up school in London as her (I just discovered), it closed down a long time ago X

Lisa Eldridge - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 10:58pm
@StilaGirl Jeanine is so lovely! I haven't seen her for many years - last time we were together was in a hospital visiting a mutual friend of ours who was terminally ill. I hope to see her again soon in better circumstances. I will definitely check out the interview you mentioned. Thanks for commenting X

StilaGirl - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 10:54pm
Lisa, by the way, Jeanine mentions a couple makeup lines in that Into the Gloss interview that I know you love to collect; one in particular from the woman who's supposedly none other than the inventor of the mini skirt herself. Anyway, thought you'd enjoy the mention ;)

StilaGirl - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 10:42pm
I've been in love with the Stila Girl illustrations since the brand debuted (way back when I was in high school :) There's an interview with Jeanine Lobell on Into the Gloss (tried to post the link earlier but think it prevented my comment from posting, so if you're interested just go to IntoTheGloss and search "Stila Lobell" and it'll come right up). It's quite an engaging read, I thought. Stila and it's creator have had an interesting past! She knows a lot of celebrities (as well as being married to one) but seems very down-to-earth, much like Ms. Lisa. ~Happy Holidays everyone~

SassySuz - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 9:52pm
What a coincidence!!!, have just got this palette for my daughter-in-law and the pocket palette for me,also the pack of mini glazes, all great value for money from, hello from OZ Lisa, love your videos and advice

Anna - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 7:45pm
Stila Natalie lipstick, oh how I miss you! It's been discontinued, which is surprising as it was one of their bestselling products. I've never been able to find a good dupe for it. Do you have any suggestions, Lisa?

Nola - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 3:17pm
Convertible Colour in Lilium is absolutely gorgeous on pretty! The smudge pots are great and as good as Bobbi brown or Mac. The eyeshadows and cheek and lip stains suit younger skin as they have quite a bit of shine.

Zuzana - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 2:44pm
it is quite odd how so many products aren't available in the UK, like sephora or victoria's secret. i guess if one wants to have all the latest make-up available one needs to live in the US.

Vicky - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 2:08pm
I just discovered you, I know a I'm a little slow. But wanted to thank you for your wealth of knowledge you share. It has given great confidence with wearing make up:) Vicky

Vicky - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 2:08pm
I just discovered you, I know a I'm a little slow. But wanted to thank you for your wealth of knowledge you share. It has given great confidence with wearing make up:) Vicky

Emilie - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 1:10pm

Sunday Dec 11th 2011 11:22am

ironisugarschild - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 9:41am
I so totally agree with this post!! Stila used to be my favorite makeup brand as well, I didn't only love the quality of their products, the packaging also it was so girly that i couldn't resist. We didn't had Stila in Greece but i was studying in the UK and every time i was visiting London i used to spent all my student savings in Stila. Then i graduated, returned to Greece but luckily Stila came to Greece as well! Unfortunately Stila left Greece 2 years now and I am afraid that some of my favorite products like the anticernes concealer and the amazing creme bouquet perfume have been discontinued :(

Lisa Eldridge - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 9:23am
@Louise that could be true of the small one which I have only seen pics of but imagine the central shades would be pretty small. This large one is about the size of a dinner plate though so all the shadow pans are a good size and easy to access X

Louise - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 9:14am
I heard its hard to get product out of the shadows that are nearer to the middle because they are so small, is this true? I love how it looks though its so pretty to look at

Neeraj - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 3:44am
I loved the design of the palette so much but I would have second thoughts in buying this palette as the one I bought previous year had eyeshadows that weren't of good quality. I do love their 'Classic eyes palette with some amazing neutrals.

Shelly - Sunday Dec 11th 2011 12:27am
The Smudgestick Waterproof eyeliner. I have the one in Peacock (gorgeous teal); gorgeous and does not move.

jeffrey - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 11:30pm
I still use smudge pots and convertible color ... Love 'em!! Lip and cheek stains ... not a fan. But these palettes are quite beautiful and tempting ... Anyone currently using Stila shadows? Opinions??

Carissa - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 11:15pm
I'm such a pallette hoarder ... this ones so pretty I'm going to have to add it to my Xmas wish list! Lisa, you're fueling my unnatural makeup collecting obsession here ... careful now! ;) Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas x

Stefanie - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 11:03pm
Are the stila brushes good quality? Thanks

Jane - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 10:32pm
I do hope Stila will continue...I LOVE to use their tinted moisturizer as my everyday make up when working at home or running to the their convertible blush and my favourite eyeshadow in Kitten! :)

Karl - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 10:26pm
How cool is that! It does remind me of a stain glass Window too very colurful indeed

Parveen - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 9:33pm
Oooh this looks so pretty, I have tons of eyeshadows but I will have to at least buy the smaller version of this! You are the most talented as well as the nicest makeup artist I have ever come across, really down to earth and honest! Can you tell I'm a big fan :) x

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 9:17pm
@Mai haha I hadnt realized I did that ... i'll have to look out for it : ) x

Marilyne - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 9:14pm
it looks really cute !! I also really love their custom color blush in pink ! I bought it after seeing it was used in Breaking Dawn on Bella's wedding day and it looks fantastic on pale skins :)

Marnie - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 9:13pm
Their Natural Eyes palette is my go-to shadow palette when I can't think of what I want to use. Whenever I travel, lately it's the only shadow palette I bring along.

Mai - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:57pm
something I wanted to say for a long time Lisa, I love the way you smack your lips I began doing it myself without me knowing .. lol

Sparrow - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:56pm
Not crazy about their cheek or foundation products, but their eyeshadow and lip products are fabulously pigmented and long lasting.

Sara - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:50pm
Stila Convertible Color still is one of my favorite creamy blushers. I'm wearing it in "lillium" right now!

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:48pm
@Thea thanks for sharing that info - great price! x

Lisa Eldridge - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:46pm
@Kate YES kitten, I loved that one. I noticed its the shade in the centre of the this new Christmas palette ... its a classic x @Stella Convertible color really was their hero product wasnt it, everyone had one. I completely forgot about the cans, they were so great. Thanks for reminding me x

Thea - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:44pm
I just purchase new palette Living the life in laguna ( they have 4 different palette. The eyeshadows is soooooo pretty and very pigment, blushers is lovely on my super fair skin :) They are small, handy and comes with a mirror! Only £10 from XD

Stella - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:38pm
Forgot to mention: whatever happen to the Stila cans? Those used to be collectible items.

Stella - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:32pm
Forgot to mention: whatever happen to the Stila cans? Those used to be collectible items.

Stella - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:30pm
Stila Convertible Color in Orchid is the first Stila item that I owned. I still remember when a Stila lip glaze pen cost $25 USD, ouch! I really miss the old Stila but I do hope the brand continue to survive.

Kate - Saturday Dec 10th 2011 8:20pm
Love it! I'm not sure I would survive without their Kitten eyeshaddow. It was the first I ever owned :)

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