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Lisa Loves - Tuesday - 31/08/10 - 9:10am

Lisa Loves - My lip palettes and favourite shades

Many of you have been asking about the lip palettes I use in my kit as they have a made a couple of appearances in my videos recently.

I first saw the Japonesque palettes a long time ago in a pro make-up shop in London. I had been working on my portfolio and building up my kit for a couple of years but hadn’t started making any money as a make-up artist at that point. I really couldn’t afford to get one but I absolutely fell in love with the 28 well palette. I eventually saved up and got one, carefully placing my lipsticks in it by painstakingly heating each one in a spoon over a flame and hot-pouring them so they would look smooth and perfect. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t bother with that anymore! I now favour the ‘squishing them in’ technique, which I actually think looks a lot better and more artistic.

The 28 well palette is known as the foundation palette on their website but the cool thing about these palettes is the fact you can use them for whatever you like. I find their smaller palettes work well for concealers and cream eye shadow storage.

I keep around 5 of these in my kit at any one time with colours broken down into groups…reds, pale pinks/lilacs, nudes, dark reds/purples, bright pinks, oranges, dark black reds/browns etc. I find having these and some basic pigments (black, white, yellow, blue etc) means I can create absolutely any shade instantly. Its worth saying that these particular palettes although pretty are not the most resilient on the market and you do have to take care of them. 

I do think this type of palette works well for non professional as well and there are lots of much cheaper alternatives to the Japonesque ones available from most pro make-up shops.

Most girls I know have far too many lipsticks lurking in various drawers and make-up bags. The problem is you never really know what you have…out of sight out of mind. By making a palette of your favorite shades – you could do a palette which contains your favourite nudes, pinks and reds for example, you’ll find you’ll actually start using them a hell of a lot more.

To make it easy just cut your existing lipstick in half and place half you remove in a palette. That way you wont overfill the well and you will still have some of the lipstick in the bullet to take out in your handbag for touch-ups…simple!

Find out more and shop for the palettes and lipsticks using the following links:

Japonesque - USA
Japonesque - UK

Some of my favourites in these palettes are:

Orange Shades
1 Shu Uemura - Rouge Unlimited 524 - a shimmery golden orange
2 Illamasqua - Obey - a chalky matte
3 Mac - Morange - Amplified Cream Lipstick - loud and bright with cream texture

4 Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay Scarlett - very long lasting classic bright red with a matte finish
5 Bourjois - Rouge Best 15 -  creamy richly pigmented true red with a glossy finish
6 Chanel - Enthusiast - lightweight non pearl, bright and orange based Limited Edition red …a favourite of many of my celebrity clients
7 Mac - Ruby Woo - a classic bluish red with opaque matte finish

8 YSL - Rouge Pur - Tea Rose148 - very fresh perky warm pink nude with a cream finish
9 SUQQU 22 - Substantial pink/nude with a sheeny finish
10 Bobbie Brown - Beige 2 - a classic brown/nude with semi-matte finish
11 Givenchy - Voluptuous Nude - classic beige/nude cream with a smooth melting texture.

Pale/Medium Rose Pinks

12 Mac - Please Me - a matte muted dusty rose
13 Chantercaille - Petunia - non pearl and super moisturizing pretty lilac rose
14 Revlon - Pink Pout Matte Lipcolour - bluish pale pouty pink with a lightweight creamy matte texture

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Latest Comments 48 | Add Your Comments

Lisa Crawley - Monday Nov 5th 2012 3:43pm
Hi Lisa! As you are always you have inspired me.Quick question if you use the spoon over the candle method does this take away from the texture and pigment? And also does it melt or disturb the palette wells in any way? Thanks ('',)

Diane - Friday Oct 12th 2012 1:07pm
What a feast of colour for the eyes, never mind the lips! Do you ever actually use up most of the items in your palettes? More to the point: would you do a video on the 'use-by' date of make-up and when it's sensible to discard old stuff? There are tons of articles on this issue by self-styled experts but it's really hard to find advice by a genuine expert - and it's advice all of us could do with. Thanks, Diane

IW - Saturday Oct 6th 2012 4:31pm
Hi Lisa love your site! I store some of my lipsticks in the pill holders.. You know the ones that are plastic and state Monday- Friday on them!! They are a cheaper alternative too!

Pauline Stephanie - Thursday Aug 16th 2012 3:33pm
I just want to say that you are AMAZING. I just started my makeup artistry career and you'll be my makeup mentor from now on! Thank you. xox from NYC.

Hannah - Saturday Jul 21st 2012 4:23am
I love how you orginize your colors! Where would you purchase such palettes?

cookiealatini - Sunday Jul 15th 2012 11:55pm
you are so right about being able to see all of your colors and remember them (i m from the ones that have dozens of them,forgotten in drawers). the only thing is, that if you are not a pro, but a amature make up addict as myself,it breaks your heart ruining a great lipstick,brand-new .just picture a guerlain with the little mirror, a masterpiece and a fetish too :)

cookiealatini - Sunday Jul 15th 2012 8:41pm
you are so right about being able to see all of your colors and remember them (i m from the ones that have dozens of them,forgotten in drawers). the only thing is, that if you are not a pro, but a amature make up addict as myself,it breaks your heart ruining a great lipstick,brand-new .just picture a guerlain with the little mirror, a masterpiece and a fetish too :)

Sobes - Thursday Jul 12th 2012 10:45pm
Gui, I experience the same with these lipsticks of Chanel

giu - Wednesday Jul 11th 2012 4:57pm
Hi Lisa, I've seen your video on Chanel Allure Velvet L'Exuberante and I just wanted to ask if you've experienced any dry lips. I've tried it on and it stayed on long time but my lips felt dry. Any advice/remedy? Thanks in advance

barbara - Monday Jul 9th 2012 7:14pm
hi lisa! what is the orangy peachy shade in the orange palette at the end - right? :)

Jasmine Dhillon - Sunday Jul 8th 2012 11:21pm
HI lisa, I absolutely fell in love with the color between # 2 and 3. Could you kindly list the name of the lipstick. Thank you so much! I love the idea of palettes, especially when traveling, otherwise it's such a pain to find your favorite lipstick tube amongst all your other makeup in your bag.

Natalia - Sunday Jul 1st 2012 9:25pm
please tell me do you know some cheaper palettes?

Natalia - Sunday Jul 1st 2012 9:25pm
please tell me do you know some cheaper palettes?

Mari - Monday Jun 4th 2012 5:20am
Hi Lisa. I hope I'm not alone in wanting to know your lipstick colors. Can you list the rest? On second thought a savvy luxury cosmetics marketer should make the Lisa Eldridge Complete Palette and we'll all just buy it. It should look quite like yours now. Can I have the first one?

Sevgi - Thursday Apr 19th 2012 4:08pm
woow its perfect pallet i love it but how u put lipstick to this palette ?can you help me please, please please ? :)

Evey - Friday Jan 6th 2012 7:39pm
Lisa, I love your video and your monthly news. You are a thruly artis and what I really like about you is that you share tips and tricks with us .. Not everybody those that. I feel beautiful when I try your looks it's make me feel gourges .. Thank you for that .. Here in America a I can't fine everyhing but I try to match color with different brands .., you really put me to work LOL!!' My best for you !!' Congratulation for all your extraodinary work .,, Thank you again!!'

lucia - Tuesday Dec 13th 2011 5:54pm
hi lisa .i love it ur pallete u put lipstick to this palette ?can you help me please ?

Victoria - Tuesday Nov 29th 2011 2:37am
Hi Lisa!!! I've watched this video million times, it is incredible inspiring! I fell in love with the color that is in the same column as number 2, the bottom one (milky/nude-y orange-y)! What lipstick is it? Thank you in advance!!

Elena Scafuro - Tuesday Sep 20th 2011 2:19pm
Hi Lisa, first of all a big compliment to your site and every single work you do. Now I was wondering about something. I'm also a MUA and want to order the lipstick palette because it's really the best idea to carry all lipsticks. It never happens, when outside it's very hot that the lipsticks starts to smelt and it comes to a mess in the palette? I'm really dying to know that so that I can decide which palette would be the best for me. Thx a lot and greets from Switzerland

Jean - Thursday Jun 16th 2011 11:36pm
Dear Lisa, I love your tutorials! But please rescue us! I bought exact the same palette after watching your video, cuz they look sooo lovely. However, I had no idea what to do to smooth the color in the pan like yours. I though u probably use hair dryer, so I tried, then a disaster occurred....not only the lip color melt, but also the wall and the corners of the box, oh my go!! So sad!! So please address in detail or if you can make another video for that would be great! Please help! Thanks a lot.

Seba80 - Saturday May 28th 2011 8:37pm
I buy 2 35 palettes on the website. I create red-pink one and beige nude rose one!!! I m not professional, but it is wonderful for m'y personally make up look and when I do for my friends!! Kisses from switzeland!!!

Sayde - Wednesday May 11th 2011 1:16am
Lisa can you please show us how you make you own palette. I have seen videos that you have to heat up the lipstick?

Joy Adenuga - Thursday Dec 2nd 2010 2:14pm
Hi lisa, do you ever go to Imats? Its going to be my first time and was wondering which products a makeup artist should get.

Tiff - Tuesday Nov 2nd 2010 12:50pm
i was wondering if you could do a wee video about how you de=pot your lipsticks etc. Would be really interesting to see,

siwani - Sunday Oct 31st 2010 12:52am
hey lisa just wondering do you mash the lipsticks and stick it on the palette spots? or do you get seperate discs for the palette? :D

Princess_79ify - Sunday Sep 5th 2010 8:58pm
Hi Lisa, Really inspiring video. I went to purchase a palette but they're all sold out!! Will have to wait patiently. I was just wondering, what your advice would be to make up artists starting out in the business regarding kit? What, in your opinion are the key products to have in a kit and what is the best way to pack a kit? Thank you!

bushra - Sunday Sep 5th 2010 3:45pm
hi lisa love ur website and the videos.i want to do some profasional makeup course please tell me which is a good school?aofm or london muse?or any other?if any one have any idya please help!!!!!!!! lol

Annette - Friday Sep 3rd 2010 10:58pm
Thank you so much for doing this video on the lipstick palettes. I am a non-professional, but I have been trying desperately to organize my makeup. Great tip about cutting off half a bullet and putting it in the palettes, so that they are not "out of sight, out of mind." Really enjoying all of your videos...thanks so much!

french_kitty - Friday Sep 3rd 2010 1:51pm
Hello Lisa, I think the Chanel Enthusiast lip colour is not limited edition and part of the regular Rouge Allure range. I found it in Boots just the other day. x

Roisin - Friday Sep 3rd 2010 12:04am
So sorry if this has been answered already, but what color lipstick are you wearing in the video? Its gorgeous!! xxx

Lisa Eldridge - Thursday Sep 2nd 2010 11:29pm
@Ann thats a really good point...nice to be free of packaging and just enjoy the colours! x @patricia I have just found a model so will film that one soon x

Lisa Eldridge - Thursday Sep 2nd 2010 11:26pm
@Olivia sure, the shade above No14 is Dior No.455 and the one directly opposite that is Chanel No.74 'Comedia' (think thats a Rouge Allure). The shade above that is a Givenchy 'Shine Up' lipstick but the colour was limited edition and is no longer available unfortunately x

patricia - Thursday Sep 2nd 2010 5:01pm
Hi lovely, hoping that you do a video one day on bad skin. What is the best way to cover and so on. Thanks a bunch!! P.S Try and show your cat more often! she's gorgeous :D

Ann - Wednesday Sep 1st 2010 1:34pm
One of the things I love about palettes like these is that they remove the lines between brands, so you're picking based on color and texture and other things that actually matter instead of based on packaging and branding!

Olivia eaton - Wednesday Sep 1st 2010 1:22pm
Hello Lisa! I love your palettes. I always see them and have color envy:) Out of curiosity, what are the three colors at the very top of the medium rose pink palette? The one above 12, and the two colors in the top right hand column. Thank you so much! Love,

Lisa Eldridge - Wednesday Sep 1st 2010 9:20am
@Katrina Its a Barry M one (No. 100 I think??) x

Katrina - Wednesday Sep 1st 2010 4:17am
Hi Lisa, what is the shade/brand of the lipstick beside #14? I am in love with it!!

MelissaD - Wednesday Sep 1st 2010 1:59am
Hi Lisa! I just wanted to say that you inspired me to do a make up course which I'm doing at the moment. It's so much fun and I saw those Japonesque palette and I just thought to myself, I must have one of those. Our teacher told us how he melts them but I think I like the squishing method hehe :)

Lisa Eldridge - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 11:44pm
@Hazel thanks! I keep some of them until they start to get old and some I just replace because they were Limited Editions which arent available anymore. Editors always want to know what colours I'm using for magazines so they can feature them and in that case old limited editions arent great. I refresh them whenever I feel like really, thats the beauty of these palettes x @agi I'm sure you will! x

agi - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 11:16pm
The lipsticks you like the best are just amazing:)) maybe one day I will have one of those palletts too. xxx

Hazel - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 10:11pm
Just saw my other comment didn't work, grrr internet! Just wanted to say I'm so pleased you made this video as I've been wanting to learn more about your lipstick palettes. I love your tutorials - I look forward to them every week! :)

Hazel - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 10:09pm
p.s. I forgot to ask how often do you update these palettes? Do you keep them until the lipsticks go off?

Lisa Eldridge - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 9:36pm
@Joanne Its amazing how heavy those kits can get right! Not surprising a lot of MUA have bad backs. I re-organise mine for each job and try to make it as small as possible for trips. Sometimes its hard when I have a big beauty editorial and I know I'll be doing lots of different looks. Then I take 2 enormous, heavy kits plus extra small bags! I have to rely on the kindness of strangers (studio assistants -strong young guys!) to help me ; ) I'll try to make a video about one day like you suggested x

Jess - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 8:38pm
Sounds like a really good idea although not sure I could bring myself to cutting all my lipsticks in half.

Elvira - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 7:07pm
Thank ou for really genious advice about creating my own palette of lipsticks! A totally agree that there is such a problem when you can't remember what you really have. The same situtation happens with eyeshadows too. Big pallets are really easier to use =) I just take one, choose colour and then start to remember that I have the shade that I need in mono or in duo. :)

Mags - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 5:37pm
That’s brilliant info. I was looking at these palettes just yesterday, figuring the best way to transfer my lipsticks. They are all over my things these days.

Meeta - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 4:17pm
That is a great tip about taking half the bullet and placing in a palette, I can't remember all the shades I have so this would be very useful. Thank you for sharing:)

Joanne McDonough - Tuesday Aug 31st 2010 12:37pm
Good Morning Lisa, Would love to hear more about how you organize your kit...and even the one that you bring with you on location. Mine is getting way too heavy..too much "stuff" for "just in case. Also, you mentioned in another posting about the number of brushes you bring. What sort of container do you use and how do you organize them for fast and easy access? Thanks for sharing

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