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Wednesday - 28/01/09 - 10:25am

Ten Years Younger Returns

I am back on Channel 4's "10 Years Younger", starting this Thursday at 8pm. The show has changed a lot since last year and includes lots of extra make-up and general beauty tips and advice from yours truly.

There is also a 'surgery versus non-surgery' twist which gives a whole new angle to the show. I spent a lot of time working with the non-surgery participants and I have to say, I was thrilled with the results. They all looked absolutely stunning at their reveals. I am a champion of great make-up and good skincare.

In the first show, this week, I give Kath a lesson on how to lift her eyelids with make-up, I'm also demonstrating the importance of eye make-up as your face ages.

I hope you enjoy the show, it was hard work but fun to do. I’ve not seen the edited programme yet, so I will be watching it with you.

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